Below is the full review that George Wine wrote on December 12, 2010, about Hawkeye Greats By the Numbers:

“Hey, Hawkeye fans, here’s a question for you. Who was the greatest Iowa football or men’s basketball player to wear No. 5 on his jersey? Was it Drew Tate, Sedrick Shaw, or Andre Woolridge?

Who was the best to wear No. 15? Was it Don Nelson, Willie Fleming, or Duke Slater? How about No. 44? Dallas Clark, Glenn Vidnovic, Greg Brunner, or Kevin Kunnert?

You’ll find the answer to those questions in a new book titled Hawkeye Greats, By the Numbers, by Lyle Hammes, Neal Rozendaal, and Kevin Hammes. The authors list jersey Nos. 1 through 50 and select the most outstanding Hawkeye to wear each number, along with honorable mentions for each.

The authors don’t claim to be the last word. They published the book to have some fun and provoke discussion, and they hit the bulls-eye.

Each of the 50 Hawkeyes chosen as the greatest gets several pages in the book, those who made honorable mention get shorter summaries. Each chapter is loaded with interesting anecdotes, facts, figures, photos, and illustrations.

For instance, I did not know that Fred ‘Duke’ Slater, Iowa’s first consensus black All-American in 1921, was the son of a Methodist minister. I did not know he got his nickname as a youngster from his beloved dog Duke.

It won’t surprise you to learn the book says Nile Kinnick was the greatest Hawkeye to wear No. 24 and Chuck Long to wear No. 16. But how about No. 7 – Brad Banks, Reggie Roby, or Rob Houghtlin? That’s a tough one.

The authors say this book took several years to research and write, and they are working on a sequel that will list the best Hawkeyes for numbers 51 through 99.”

An excerpt of this review will soon be found on the Reviews page.

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