It has been a while since my last post, but I have been on the road promoting my third book, Duke Slater!

A Hawkeye Road Trip

First, I traveled to Slater’s home town of Chicago to talk up the book and watch the Hawkeyes play at historic Soldier Field against Northern Illinois.  I had a great time and marveled as usual at the unbelievable turnout of Hawkeye fans in the Windy City.  Thousands of Hawkeye fans swarmed the Navy Pier for the Hawkeye Huddle as well as the Cubs game on Friday morning.  Just a fantastic time, as we painted the town black and gold.

From there, I went back to Iowa for the next week.  I attended FryFest (which is always a great event) and saw the Hawks take the field in their 1921 throwback uniforms.  It was a wonderful tribute to (in my opinion) the greatest team in Iowa’s history.  Everything about the trip was splendid…except the setback to the boys from Ames, of course.

More Publicity for Duke Slater

So I mentioned in my last post that I did my first interview on Duke Slater with KMA Radio.  Well, over the past week, I have been fortunate enough to conduct two more interviews about the book.  The first was with Justin Barker of KSCJ Radio.  The interview is archived here…make sure to give it a listen!  Thanks to Justin and KSCJ for taking the time to talk about the book and Duke Slater’s story.

Then, while at FryFest, I made an appearance on the Steve Hexom Morning Show on KBUR Radio.  You can listen to our conversation here…just click on the folder marked 905 and select the audio clip of Neal Rozendaal and Duke Slater!  Many thanks to Steve Hexom for having me on his show.  It was the start of a long and exciting day (which I’ll be recapping here soon), but fortunately, Hexom made the interview a lot of fun, so it went great.

I have a few more interviews just around the corner, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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