I approached Mike Chapman, publisher of the Iowa History Journal, last month and asked if he could take a look at my book on Hawkeye great Duke Slater.

Chapman, who was the sports editor at the Cedar Rapids Gazette for six years, responded enthusiastically.  He confessed that he had known of Duke Slater for decades.  “He is a fascinating and rather mythical figure, no doubt,” Chapman added.

The Iowa History Journal is published bi-monthly, and they were scheduled to review another book in their November issue.  As a result, Chapman told me that the review of Duke Slater probably wouldn’t appear until the January issue.

Four weeks later, Mike Chapman wrote back again.

“Just finished your book on Duke Slater – and have one word: Bravo!  It is very well-written, extremely well-documented, and a joy to read,” Chapman wrote.  “Your book impressed me so much that I have decided to do two book reviews this issue.”

Duke Slater Review – Mike Chapman

The review of Duke Slater appeared in the November/December 2012 issue of Iowa History Journal.  Some excerpts of that review are reprinted below:

“[Duke Slater] offers a fascinating look at one of the most intriguing personalities in Iowa history, a great football player who became a legendary judge and a role model for African-Americans everywhere…

It’s obvious that [author Neal Rozendaal] loves doing research.  Rozendaal carefully details nearly every game Slater played…at Clinton High School (the team was a state powerhouse then), the University of Iowa, and in his ten-year pro career.  He has brought Duke Slater back into prominence, and rightfully so…

I can’t imagine any Iowan who wouldn’t enjoy…Duke Slater: Pioneering Black NFL Player and Judge.  [It] should be on the bookshelf in every library in the state and in the private library of every Iowan.”

For the full review, pick up the latest copy of Iowa History Journal, which is available at HyVee stores and Casey’s General Stores all across the state of Iowa.  You can also subscribe to Iowa History Journal by clicking on the link.  An excerpt of this review will be posted on the Reviews page.

Thanks to Mike Chapman and Iowa History Journal for taking the time to review the book!

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