It’s hard to believe, but this is my 100th post on!  Since I love big round numbers, that means it’s time for a mini-celebration.

Hawkeye Blogs

I realized I was approaching 100 posts a little while back, and I was trying to put it into some kind of perspective.  The best way that I could think of to do that was to look at other Hawkeye blogs I love.

I had been reading various Hawkeye blogs for years before I started this site.  I decided the other day to go through my computer and take a note of every Hawkeye blog I have followed over the past few years.

Most of these blogs, sadly, have long since shut down.  I always wanted to have my own Hawkeye website where I could share my opinions on sports topics, but I didn’t realize until I started it just how time-consuming it is.  It should come as no surprise, then, that most of the sites I had followed over the years are no longer active.

Some of those sites, especially the ones that use the free Blogger platform, are still accessible; they’re just no longer regularly updated.  Fans would start them, post for a few months, get tired of it and quit.  And believe me, I can completely understand now how and why that happens!  Other sites, especially ones that use paid hosting (like this one), just vanished off the face of the earth.  Typing in those old domains now sends you to a random parked advertising site, where they flash ads at you to make you realize that the quality site you remember is gone.

My two favorite Hawkeye blogs are always linked at the right.  Most of the quality Hawkeye blogs that started up over the past few years were in some way swallowed up by the behemoth that is Black Heart Gold Pants.  It’s hard for one person to keep creating solid sports content on an ongoing basis, so several bloggers teamed up to contribute to BHGP.  There’s power in numbers, and blogs quake at the power of BHGP.  As far as individuals go, no one has written a quality sports blog longer than Ron Maly.  He’s the gold standard as far as sites run by one man are concerned.  I guess in the grand scheme of things, I’m trying to get this site to be as valuable a resource as those two are.

By my count, I have read more than thirty different Hawkeye blogs over the past few years.  In revisiting those sites, only ten of them had over 100 posts and still remain accessible today, and half of those ten no longer put out new content.  My point in saying all of this is – it’s hard to start a Hawkeye blog and see it through past 100 posts.  Most blogs don’t make it that far, and I now understand why…it’s a lot of work.   But I’m enjoying writing it, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!

Highlights of the Last 100

With that being said, here’s a look at some of the top posts since the start of the site!

My first post! – I kid you not, this post got one view.  I think it was my wife.

Post #25 – Announcing the start of my series on Hawkeye Olympians

Post #50 – A look back at the creation of Floyd of Rosedale.  This was also my fifth most popular post!

Post #75 – A defense of the Big Ten’s additions of Maryland and Rutgers

And now, a countdown of the ten most popular posts thus far at!

10.  A recap of my trip to the Pro Football Researchers Association meeting at NFL Films in New Jersey

9.  A profile of the Voice of the Hawkeyes, Gary Dolphin

8.  A look at Cal Jones and a preview of the Canadian documentary about his life

7.  As part of the Hawkeye Olympians series, I looked at the most recent Hawkeye Olympic medalist, Lincoln McIlravy

6.  The start of my Hawkeye Flashback series, recapping the 1953 Fainting Irish game.  I only posted this one a little over a week ago, and it’s already my sixth most visited post!

5.  As previously mentioned, a look back at the creation of the Floyd of Rosedale trophy

4.  One of my favorite Hawkeyes, former radio play-by-play man Ron Gonder, “The Big Shoe”

3.  I started the Hawkeye Olympians series with maybe the greatest Hawkeye wrestler ever, Ed Banach

2.  Weighing the Big Ten’s expansion options and throwing Johns Hopkins out there for consideration

And finally, #1…a Heisman week profile of Iowa’s four Heisman Trophy runner ups.

Well, that’s it, folks!  I make no promises, but I hope I have 100 more posts in me.  And a sincere thanks to each and every one of you out there for reading.  Go Hawks!

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