A few exciting developments to report on the Duke Slater front today!

Ron Gonder Talks Duke Slater

One of my favorite Hawkeye historians, Ron Gonder, recently talked about Duke Slater on his radio program, Footprints from the Big Shoe.  In case you missed it, you can listen to the spot for a limited time at Gonder’s archive site.

I’ve said this many times here, but Ron Gonder’s podcast is definitely worth listening to!  His site is always listed under the Podcasts section of my favorite links at the right. 

Many thanks to the Big Shoe for taking the time to read and talk about my book.  It’s a real thrill to have your work noticed by someone like Gonder!

Clinton High School Hall of Fame

I recently learned that Slater’s alma mater, Clinton High School, is creating an athletic Hall of Fame.  Not too surprisingly, one of the 14 inaugural inductees is Duke Slater!  Still, much applause to Clinton High School for recognizing Slater in this way.

Slater will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a ceremony on Friday, August 30…Clinton High’s first football game of the season!  Several of Slater’s family members, including his niece Sandra Wilkins, plan to be in attendance for the induction.

August 30 also happens to be the same day as FryFest 2013 in Coralville.  I’d hate to miss either event…so I won’t!  It will certainly make for a busy day, but I can’t wait to spend some time with Hawkeye fans at FryFest before traveling to Clinton for Slater’s moment in the sun.

I’ll have more on these events as the big day, August 30, draws closer.  Until then, thanks for reading!

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