Hello, friends! After several long months away, I’m proud to announce that I’m making a spirited return to my own website!

This has been an exciting year in my life. The biggest news I have is that my wife and I recently welcomed our first child into the world! Our newborn daughter, Magnolia June, has been keeping us on the go for the past few weeks, as you might expect. But baby Maggie and my wife are both doing well, so we couldn’t be more grateful.

My website also had some hosting issues, resulting in a nearly full-scale crash a few weeks ago. Again, I kind of had my hands full, so I wasn’t able to get NealRozendaal.com up and running again until recently. My apologies to anyone who may have been checking for some of my articles and found them inaccessible.

The Inspirational Life of Duke Slater

But let’s look ahead, shall we? I have a few very, very exciting developments taking place on the writing front.  While I can’t share all of them with you (I’ll have more details very soon!), I do have an announcement to make today.

I make very, very few personal appearances, but I’m pleased to announce that on Saturday, October 4, I’ll be giving a talk about Duke Slater at the Rock Island Main Library in Rock Island, Illinois. My presentation, titled The Inspirational Life of Duke Slater, will begin at 11 AM.  I’m beyond excited to discuss Duke’s life and legacy, on and off the field.

I’d like to invite everyone in the Quad Cities area to stop by the Rock Island Main Library next Saturday, October 4, at 11 AM! I’d love to meet you and talk about one of the greatest Hawkeyes and NFL legends of all time! The address is 401 19th Street in Rock Island…hope to see you there!

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