Here’s the latest on The Women’s Football Encyclopedia:

The book is in the final stages of publication, and barring any setbacks, The Women’s Football Encyclopedia should be ready for release within the next ten days.  Woo hoo!

I’m also happy to announce that I am now taking pre-orders for the book on my site!  The price of the book is $30, which includes free shipping.  Free shipping is a plus, too, because this is a hefty book at over 400 pages.  (Hey, I promised you an encyclopedia!)

You will also be able to order the book on Amazon when it is released, but from me to you, it really helps me out as an author if you order it directly from me!  (I love Amazon, but they take a pretty hefty cut of the sale.)  So if you order directly from me, I’ll be your friend forever.  Oh, and if you’d like me to sign the book or personalize it for you, I’d be happy to devalue your book by scribbling my name on the inside.  Just ask.  🙂

The Women's Football Encyclopedia

The Women’s Football Encyclopedia – Reviews

Obviously, I think every fan of women’s football will want a copy of this book. But don’t just take my word for it…excerpts of The Women’s Football Encyclopedia have already found their way into the hands of a few folks around women’s football, and the response has been incredible!  Here are a few prominent reviews of the book before its release.

From the foreword of the book, Dr. Jen Welter lauded the overall concept of The Women’s Football Encyclopedia:

This book is a fantastic project, because for those of us who played women’s football for the strict love of the game and the hope that we were in some way helping to shape the future, it’s a delightful, refreshing thought to know that our efforts were not in vain.

Chicago Force and Team USA head coach John Konecki is one of the top women’s football coaches in the country, having won two IFAF gold medals with Team USA in 2010 and 2013 and a national title with the Force in 2013.  Konecki praised the book by saying,

I love it! This book blew my expectations away, by far. This encyclopedia is loaded with accurate statistics, and the level of detail is amazing.

Finally, Lisa King is the Director of Operations for the Women’s Football Alliance, the largest and premier league in women’s football.  She is also a wide receiver for the Central Cal War Angels.  King gave the following review of the book:

It’s impossible to appreciate the huge strides women’s football is making today without understanding where we started. The Women’s Football Encyclopedia recognizes the thousands of pioneering women of the gridiron who have lived out their dream to play football. This book is unbelievable and truly a gift to women’s football.

Thank you to Jen Welter, Coach John Konecki, and Lisa King for their encouraging words!

But what about you?  Would you like to take a look at the book as it hits the press?  Well, I’ve got good news…in my next post, I’ll let you take a look at a few excerpts of The Women’s Football Encyclopedia, and you can see what all the buzz is about!  Until then, stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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