After a two-week honeymoon in Europe, I am pleased to report that I have returned to the sizzling weather of the United States as a married man!  Hard to believe that it is already late-July…and you know what that means.  Football season is right around the corner!  In fact, in just five weeks and two days, the Hawkeyes will kick off their 2012 football season at Soldier Field in Chicago against Northern Illinois.

Still, I’ll be honest…my sports attention hasn’t been focused solely on the Hawkeyes lately.  First of all, I’m a Washington Nationals fan (yes, they exist), and they’re finally having an outstanding season after years of losing.  I’ve never had the opportunity to root for a winning baseball team, so this summer has been a lot of fun.

Plus, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics take place tomorrow, and this once-every-four-years event is always compelling television.  In honor of the 2012 Olympics, I’m going to start a special series of articles beginning tomorrow…so stay tuned!  It’s good to be back…thanks for reading!