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Gordon Locke’s Jersey Number

At the risk of causing a bit of embarrassment to the school I love, I think it’s important to mention an error I noticed when I was back in Iowa City for the University of Iowa Wall of Honor ceremony.  Let me be clear…I’m thrilled that the university chose to recognize the accomplishments of nine past Hawkeye legends with a place on their Wall of Honor.  Unfortunately, even great ideas like that can sometimes go awry…and it appears that former Hawkeye great Gordon Locke’s jersey number has thrown a monkey wrench into the proceedings. Hawkeye Greats and Their Jersey Numbers…

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Hometown Press

As an author, getting publicity for your books is crucial.  There are literally millions and millions of books and authors out there, and no one can read your book if they don’t know it exists! When it comes to getting word out about your books, every newspaper is important, no matter how small.  I haven’t done the best job of recognizing all of the media outlets that have featured my books in the past, but I want to point out a couple reasons why hometown press is so, so important. A Hometown Interview When my first book, Hawkeye Greats By the…

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Michael Maxwell and Discovering What It Means

Now that I’ve talked a little about my first book, Hawkeye Greats, By the Numbers, let me tell you how my second book came about.  The story of my second book has to begin by introducing you to Michael Maxwell, because completing two books in two years wouldn’t have been possible without his help. Lyle Hammes and I finished writing Hawkeye Greats early in 2010, and we wanted to see if trade publishers would be interested in publishing the book (or a potential sequel).  Hammes sent several copies of the book to different publishers, and Triumph Books responded with an interesting offer. Triumph Books Triumph…

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