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Below is the full review that George Wine wrote on December 12, 2010, about Hawkeye Greats By the Numbers: “Hey, Hawkeye fans, here’s a question for you. Who was the greatest Iowa football or men’s basketball player to wear No. 5 on his jersey? Was it Drew Tate, Sedrick Shaw, or Andre Woolridge? Who was the best to wear No. 15? Was it Don Nelson, Willie Fleming, or Duke Slater? How about No. 44? Dallas Clark, Glenn Vidnovic, Greg Brunner, or Kevin Kunnert? You’ll find the answer to those questions in a new book titled Hawkeye Greats, By the Numbers, by Lyle Hammes,…

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George Wine

When Hawkeye Greats By the Numbers came out in 2010, I was excited but nervous.  I had put a lot of time and energy into the book, and I really felt it was solid.  Still, it was my first book, and I just didn’t know how it would be received by Hawkeye fans.  More than anything, George Wine put my mind at ease. George Wine If that name George Wine sounds familiar to you, it might be because Wine made national news as a Harris Poll voter in 2011.  Wine drew the ire of the anti-BCS crowd when he voted…

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