[This is part twenty of my long investigation into Ray Blanchette, Ray Damon, and the Women’s Indoor Football League (WIFL).  For the previous installment in the series, read here.]

Okay, folks…one last post on the WIFL, and I promise I’ll keep it short.

The End of the WIFL

The WIFL is officially no more.  The league’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter account have all gone dark.  They’ve been erased from existence, and other than the main Blanchette Sports Holdings website, everything concerning Ray Blanchette and Blanchette Sports Holdings has been erased as well.  It’s like “Ray Blanchette” has vanished into thin air.

Still, I’ve had countless people contact me over the past two months with additional information about Ray Damon (aka Ray Blanchette), his past, and various dealings he has had.  And I continue to have people contacting me to this day wanting to offer up more information.  It has all been enlightening, and I appreciate that they’ve taken the time to contact me.  I don’t want to seem unappreciative…but I want to let it be known that I’m no longer all that interested.  Thanks for sharing, but I’m retiring from this story.

My Retirement

As I’ve said multiple times before, I now have enough information on Damon to write 20 more posts.  But, to be honest, that doesn’t interest me.  I only got involved in this story in the first place because I love women’s football…and I had obvious reservations about the WIFL as a league.  What came up about Ray Damon’s past was unexpected and shocking, even to me.

Now I have all these people contacting me, wanting to spill more and more dirt on Ray Damon.  I appreciate their decisions to step forward, but I have to put a stop to it.  I’m beyond finished with this story.  The WIFL is gone, and if Damon has any sense at all, he’ll never step foot in the arena of women’s football again after this debacle.

With that said, I have never wanted the job of tracking all of Ray Damon’s activities…and I don’t plan on accepting it.  As I said before, there are too many positive stories to highlight in women’s football to get bogged down in every little detail of Ray Damon’s past…especially since he’s no longer involved in women’s football.

If Damon decides to adopt a new name and start up some new minor league hockey or minor league baseball league, that really doesn’t concern me.  I’m going to leave it to fans of those sports to protect their sports from such negative influences, because I’m not going to spend the next few years of my life tracking Damon’s every movement.  I’m just a fan of women’s football, and as long as he isn’t involved in women’s football, I have too much work to do covering this criminally underrepresented sport to go around chasing a story that has already run its course.

To all of you who have shared your experiences with me, thank you.  But, respectfully, please stop sending me your statements.  :-)

I’m announcing, here and now, that I am finished with the WIFL story.  I’m done.  I’m only interested in reporting on women’s football, and since Ray Damon and the WIFL are no longer a part of it, I’m not going to spend any more time writing about them.

The WFA, IWFL, and WSFL start up their seasons in less than two months…it’s time to give them the ball.  So stay tuned!

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