The Former Hawkeye Draft

Now that there were three authors on board to write What It Means to Be a Hawkeye, we had to work quickly to put our book together.  Lyle Hammes, Michael Maxwell, and I needed to interview sixty former Hawkeye athletes, coaches, and administrators over the span of just a few months to have material for the book, and we needed to find a good way to divide that work between the three of us.  Our solution was to conduct a fantasy football-style, former Hawkeye draft! The Former Hawkeye Draft Each of us took turns in the draft.  When it was our turn to select, we named…

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Michael Maxwell and Discovering What It Means

Now that I’ve talked a little about my first book, Hawkeye Greats, By the Numbers, let me tell you how my second book came about.  The story of my second book has to begin by introducing you to Michael Maxwell, because completing two books in two years wouldn’t have been possible without his help. Lyle Hammes and I finished writing Hawkeye Greats early in 2010, and we wanted to see if trade publishers would be interested in publishing the book (or a potential sequel).  Hammes sent several copies of the book to different publishers, and Triumph Books responded with an interesting offer. Triumph Books Triumph…

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Brief Update

Just a brief update to any wandering and wondering readers regarding my absence…as I have mentioned elsewhere, I am getting married in July.  I have been incredibly busy over the past week!  I moved to a new apartment in Rockville, Maryland, with my lovely fiancèe.  This move was like two moves in one!  We moved her things to the new apartment Saturday, followed by a move of my things to our new apartment Sunday. The last few days we have been settling into our new digs.  No rest for the weary, however…this Memorial Day weekend, Ashley’s friends and family have been…

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