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George Wine

When Hawkeye Greats By the Numbers came out in 2010, I was excited but nervous.  I had put a lot of time and energy into the book, and I really felt it was solid.  Still, it was my first book, and I just didn’t know how it would be received by Hawkeye fans.  More than anything, George Wine put my mind at ease. George Wine If that name George Wine sounds familiar to you, it might be because Wine made national news as a Harris Poll voter in 2011.  Wine drew the ire of the anti-BCS crowd when he voted…

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Hawkeye Greats By the Numbers

On October 15, 2010, Hawkeye Greats By the Numbers was released through Trafford Publishing.  The book was originally designed to list the greatest Hawkeye football and men’s basketball players to wear each jersey number from #1 through #99.  We quickly realized, however, that listing Hawkeye athletes from 1 to 99 would make the book far too big and far too long, so we focused on jersey numbers #1 through #50. For each number, we selected one Hawkeye athlete to represent the number and wrote a short bio on that player.  We also named several honorable mentions for the more popular numbers…

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Lyle Hammes and Numbering Hawkeye Greats

Although I had written articles for Wikipedia, I didn’t seriously consider writing a book until 2006. That year I stumbled upon an interview Lyle Hammes gave to Tom Kakert of, and my writing was about to go in a totally new direction. Lyle Hammes’ Book Idea Hammes told Kakert that he was working on a book with a clever concept.  His book, which he was calling “Hawkeye Heroes”, grouped the greatest Hawkeye football and men’s basketball players by the jersey numbers they wore at Iowa.  Hammes set out to select the best Hawkeye athlete to wear each jersey number…

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