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Hawkeye Heisman Trophy Finalists

The Iowa Hawkeyes have had ten Heisman Trophy finalists over the years.  This week we’ve looked back on Iowa’s only Heisman Trophy winner, Nile Kinnick, as well as the four Hawkeyes (Alex Karras, Randy Duncan, Chuck Long, and Brad Banks) who came in second in the voting for the award.  Iowa’s four Heisman Trophy runner ups put them second in the nation (behind Oklahoma) in the number of guys who have finished just short of winning the award. Interestingly enough, while Iowa has had one player finish first and four others place second, no Hawkeye has ever finished third, fourth, or…

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Heisman Trophy Runner Ups

When the Heisman Trophy winner is announced Saturday, he will etch his name in history.  Maybe it’s just me, but I always notice the Heisman Trophy runner ups.  These guys are always great players, but because they came up just short and finished in second, they’ll never have the eternal recognition that goes along with winning the Heisman. Hawkeye Heisman Trophy Runner Ups My interest in Heisman Trophy runner ups surely relates to the fact that I’m an Iowa fan.  The Hawkeyes are tied for second in college football in the number of Heisman Trophy runner ups.  Oklahoma has had…

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Random Hash

Barring an absolute miracle, we only have two more weeks of 2012 Hawkeye football.  Fortunately, Iowa basketball is stepping up to fill the void.  Plus, Gary Dolphin makes a cameo on Sunday Night Football…with a nod to Gus Schrader, it’s all part of today’s Random Hash. Hawkeye Football So disappointing.  By falling to Indiana and Purdue in consecutive weeks, Iowa is pretty much guaranteed to be spending the holidays at home.  This is looking like Iowa’s worst team since Ferentz’ first squad in 1999.  The 2000 Hawkeye team only went 3-9, but they played a very difficult non-conference schedule, and…

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