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Duke Slater on the University of Iowa Wall of Honor

Last year, I outlined six goals for bringing “Justice to the Judge” and restoring Duke Slater to his rightful place among America’s sports legends.  One of those goals was seeking a permanent recognition of Slater at the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium.  On August 31, 2013, I’m thrilled to say that the first of these six projects was completed when the school unveiled the University of Iowa Wall of Honor! Duke Slater on the University of Iowa Wall of Honor On August 31, 2013, the University of Iowa completed a Wall of Honor at Kinnick Stadium, not unlike the “Ring…

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Hayden Fry’s Greatest Wins

Recently I had a surge of interest in my post on Kirk Ferentz’ greatest wins.  Well, Hayden Fry recently turned 84 years old, and I thought it might be nice to do the same for him!  So let’s take a moment to look back at some of the greatest Iowa coaching victories of Hawkeye great Hayden Fry. Hayden Fry’s Greatest Wins In chronological order, here are 25 of the most memorable victories for the Hawkeyes in Fry’s brilliant two-decade career as the head Hawk! September 29, 1979 – Iowa 30, Iowa State 14 (win #1) Hayden Fry brought 89 coaching victories with him from…

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What It Means to Be a Hawkeye Radio Tour

I mentioned in my last post that I’m trying to do a better job of recognizing people in the media who have complimented my books.  I recently looked back at some of my earlier posts and realized that October 2011 was one of the most fun months I’ve had during my writing journey…and so far, I’ve completely failed to mention that month!  So take a trip back with me, if you will, to a year and a half ago – long before this website was launched – and let me tell you about one of my favorite professional experiences: the What It Means to Be a Hawkeye radio tour….

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