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African-Americans in Hawkeye Sports, 1895-1961

The University of Iowa has a long and noteworthy history of providing athletic opportunities for African-Americans, particularly during times when such opportunities were uncommon elsewhere.  As part of Black History Month, I think it’s important to take a look at some of these pioneers for African-Americans in Hawkeye sports and recognize their accomplishments. African-Americans in Hawkeye Sports – The First Three The first three African-American athletes I’ve been able to identify from the University of Iowa were Frank Holbrook, Archie Alexander, and Duke Slater. Frank Holbrook, who I discussed indepth in a previous post, was Iowa’s first black athlete, lettering for the Hawkeye…

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Ed Gordon

(This is part of a special series on Hawkeye Olympic medalists.) Who is the Hawkeyes’ greatest track athlete ever?  You could make a very good case for Ed Gordon, today’s featured Olympic Hawkeye. Ed Gordon Edward Gordon, Jr., was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but he grew up in Gary, Indiana.  He always had a thin, wiry frame, so his father suggested that he bulk up by joining the high school track team.  Gordon took up hurdling and high jumping, and his talents caught the eye of Iowa track coach George Bresnahan.  Bresnahan shifted Gordon’s focus from jumping high to jumping…

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