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Great Hawkeye Basketball Coaches

I’m not sure what it is – maybe it was my recent post about Steve Alford or the fact that Iowa’s run to the Final Four of the 2013 NIT Tournament has established Fran McCaffery as one of my favorite Iowa basketball coaches in recent memory – but I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the great coaches who have led Hawkeye basketball over the years.  Rollie Williams, Pops Harrison, Sharm Scheuerman, George Raveling, and – yes – Steve Alford all had highlight moments at Iowa, but really, five coaches stand out to me as the best of the best…

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African-Americans in Big Ten Football, 1890-1963

Recently we took a look back at black pioneers of Hawkeye football.  No other football program in the Big Ten – or in Division I-A football – can claim such an extensive a list of early African-American standouts.  Still, every Big Ten football program has one or more racial trailblazers worthy of being remembered. Unfortunately, a comprehensive list of African-Americans in Big Ten football from the pre-World War II era has never been compiled.  It’s only recently that schools have seen fit to list and commemorate these pioneers.  I wasn’t able to find a list of African-American football standouts for…

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African-Americans in Hawkeye Sports, 1895-1961

The University of Iowa has a long and noteworthy history of providing athletic opportunities for African-Americans, particularly during times when such opportunities were uncommon elsewhere.  As part of Black History Month, I think it’s important to take a look at some of these pioneers for African-Americans in Hawkeye sports and recognize their accomplishments. African-Americans in Hawkeye Sports – The First Three The first three African-American athletes I’ve been able to identify from the University of Iowa were Frank Holbrook, Archie Alexander, and Duke Slater. Frank Holbrook, who I discussed indepth in a previous post, was Iowa’s first black athlete, lettering for the Hawkeye…

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