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Fry Fest 2013

On August 30, I attended Fry Fest 2013, and for the first time, I had my own booth at Fry Fest!  It was a terrific day…one I won’t forget for a long time. Fry Fest 2013 I have attended the past several Fry Fest events, but I have never had the opportunity to greet fans at my own booth.  This year, I figured…why not? Fortunately, I was able to share the booth with my buddy Matt Fall from Iowa Gridiron Collectibles.  Matt had all sorts of unique Hawkeye collectibles to show off for the fans, and he really helped spruce…

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Fry Fest V Update!

Just a quick update to remind readers of this site that I will be in Coralville tomorrow for Fry Fest V!  Believe it or not, this is the fifth annual FryFest event, but this is the first time I will have my own booth…as opposed to just attending as a fan.  But I’ve had a great time at FryFest the past two years, and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s event. Plus, I’m pleased to announce that my good friend Matt Fall of Iowa Gridiron Collectibles will be joining me at my booth!  In my humble opinion, no one knows more about Hawkeye collectibles than Matt.  Just…

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Random Hash

Aaaaaaand I’m back!  After an offseason writing about women’s football, it’s time to get back to talking Hawkeyes!  The season opener for the 2013 Iowa football team is just two weeks away, and excitement is again in the air.  There’s so much to talk about, so let’s get back to talking Hawks with a preseason edition of random hash. Jim Zabel The biggest story of the Hawkeye offseason was a sad one.  As all Hawkeye fans have certainly heard, Jim Zabel passed away earlier this summer at the age of 91.  Zabel, a 1944 University of Iowa graduate, called Hawkeye…

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