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Hawkeyes Revisited: Tim Dwight

Who better to kick off this new series on past Hawkeye greats than Tim Dwight, one of the most beloved Hawkeye athletes of all time?  It has been nearly 15 years since he last donned a black and gold football jersey, but he remains just as popular in Iowa today as he has ever been. A Little Hawk Timothy John Dwight, Jr., was always small in stature, at least as far as height and weight goes.  Even in his NFL days, he was only listed at 5’8″, 180 pounds.  So it seems appropriate that this little Hawkeye rose to fame as a Little Hawk. As a track and football…

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Northwestern: The Thorn in Iowa’s Side

The Northwestern Wildcats have been a stumbling block for the Hawkeye football team over the past decade.  As it turns out, this is nothing new for Northwestern.  They’ve actually been spilling Iowa’s apple cart for over a century now. Just Northwestern The program my friends over at Black Heart Gold Pants have labeled just Northwestern has given the Hawks a hard time of late.  Most football fans know the Wildcats’ recent history.  Iowa lost to Northwestern, 31-15, in 1973 when Iowa was on its way to an embarassing 0-11 mark (the only winless multi-game season in Iowa history).  After that 1973 defeat,…

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Lopsided Losses in Iowa Football

I love the Iowa Hawkeyes, and I relish Iowa football victories.  But there’s a reality to face in sport…the flip side of the coin is that you don’t win ’em all.  Sometimes your team loses, and every once in a while, they lose big.  That’s what makes sports exciting…the unknown and the risk.  If every game were a big victory, there would be no real drama, now would there? When Iowa was down, 38-0, to Penn State in the fourth quarter Saturday, my thoughts turned to the most lopsided losses in Iowa history.  I love the Hawks, but it’s time…

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