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Hawkeyes Revisited: Nile Kinnick

This post was originally designed to close out Heisman Trophy week, but life intervened.  After a brief delay, it’s time to revisit the most beloved Iowa football player of all – 1939 Heisman Trophy winner Nile Kinnick. A Quintessential Iowan One of the main reasons why Iowa fans love Nile Kinnick is because he was one of us.  Nile Clarke Kinnick, Jr., was born on July 9, 1918, during the peak of World War I.  Nile was the oldest of three boys born to Nile Clark Kinnick, Sr., and Francis Clarke.  Francis’ father, George W. Clarke, graduated from the University of Iowa…

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Hawkeye Heisman Trophy Finalists

The Iowa Hawkeyes have had ten Heisman Trophy finalists over the years.  This week we’ve looked back on Iowa’s only Heisman Trophy winner, Nile Kinnick, as well as the four Hawkeyes (Alex Karras, Randy Duncan, Chuck Long, and Brad Banks) who came in second in the voting for the award.  Iowa’s four Heisman Trophy runner ups put them second in the nation (behind Oklahoma) in the number of guys who have finished just short of winning the award. Interestingly enough, while Iowa has had one player finish first and four others place second, no Hawkeye has ever finished third, fourth, or…

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Hawkeye Videos: Hero For The Ages

Oh, look!  It’s another documentary about 1939 Heisman Trophy winner Nile Kinnick!  And since it’s Heisman week, let’s take another look back at this Hawkeye great. This documentary was produced in 2004 as part of a CSTV special, From Ballfields to Battlefields.  It skips a little in parts, but it’s still worth a watch. From Ballfields to Battlefields: Hero For The Ages This documentary was narrated by Charles Gibson, the former host of ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight. From Ballfields to Battlefields: Hero For The Ages – Commentary Again, I’m watching this from a different angle than many folks,…

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