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Clinton High School Hall of Fame

The evening of August 30, 2013, I had the privilege of traveling to Clinton, Iowa, where Duke Slater was being inducted into the Clinton High School Hall of Fame.  I arrived at Clinton High’s football field about an hour before the induction ceremony.   After going to so many college football games, I have to admit it was pretty refreshing to pay five bucks to get into a football game!  I paid an extra dollar to get the game program, which had photos of all the inductees. Here’s a closer look at the 2013 Clinton High School Hall of Fame…

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Random Hash

Aaaaaaand I’m back!  After an offseason writing about women’s football, it’s time to get back to talking Hawkeyes!  The season opener for the 2013 Iowa football team is just two weeks away, and excitement is again in the air.  There’s so much to talk about, so let’s get back to talking Hawks with a preseason edition of random hash. Jim Zabel The biggest story of the Hawkeye offseason was a sad one.  As all Hawkeye fans have certainly heard, Jim Zabel passed away earlier this summer at the age of 91.  Zabel, a 1944 University of Iowa graduate, called Hawkeye…

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Clinton High School Display

Duke Slater has not received his proper due as a pioneer in sports history.  He was a trailblazer at Clinton High School, at the University of Iowa, in the NFL, and as a Chicago judge, yet today he is far less famous in those places than he should be.  That’s sad, but the key question is, “What can be done about it?” On that note, this post is the start of a six-part series on how we can get “Justice for the Judge.”  This is very important stuff, sports fans – seeing these projects accomplished would give Duke Slater the recognition he deserves for the incredible, groundbreaking life he…

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