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Duke Slater Review – Mike Chapman

I approached Mike Chapman, publisher of the Iowa History Journal, last month and asked if he could take a look at my book on Hawkeye great Duke Slater. Chapman, who was the sports editor at the Cedar Rapids Gazette for six years, responded enthusiastically.  He confessed that he had known of Duke Slater for decades.  “He is a fascinating and rather mythical figure, no doubt,” Chapman added. The Iowa History Journal is published bi-monthly, and they were scheduled to review another book in their November issue.  As a result, Chapman told me that the review of Duke Slater probably wouldn’t…

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Mike Chapman

I love the Iowa Hawkeyes, which means I’m a huge supporter of Iowa’s most successful athletic program – Hawkeye wrestling!  With that said, I’m not as knowledgeable about the history of the sport of wrestling as I should be.  To remedy that, I’ve spent a lot of time reading the work of the greatest writer to cover the sport of wrestling – Mike Chapman. Mike Chapman Chapman was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa…the hometown of Dan Gable.  He developed a passion for the sport of wrestling at an early age and was an impressive athlete himself.  Although he didn’t…

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Lou Banach

(This is part of a special series on Hawkeye Olympic medalists.) Since we started this series yesterday with Ed Banach, it makes sense to continue today with his twin brother, Lou Banach. Lou Banach As mentioned in Ed Banach’s post, Lou Banach was born five minutes after his twin brother.  Since they are twins, Lou’s background is the same as Ed’s, but they are far from the same person.  When Lou Banach arrived at Iowa, he had difficulty adjusting to big-time athletics.  He actually quit the Hawkeye wrestling team for a time.  But it’s a testament to his talent and…

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