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Random Hash

I’ve been writing a lot about Duke Slater on this site the last week or two…there’s a reason for that.  I’ll explain why – and touch on a few other Slater-related topics – in today’s special Duke Slater edition of Random Hash. The New Home of Duke Slater As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes to this site over the past week.  I’m in the process of closing down, my site dedicated to Duke Slater which is the first link under my blogroll on the right.  You can read more about my reasons for doing so over there, but…

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Hawkeye Blogs

When I made my 100th post a few days ago, I referenced many of the Hawkeye blogs I used to visit.  Some are still active, many are defunct, and a few have completely disappeared.  Since I’ve had it on my mind lately, I figured I could share a few of those blogs I rediscovered while trolling the internet.  After all, these Hawkeye blogs are my brothers-in-arms, spreading the black and gold love to fans everywhere (something like that, anyway). Hawkeye Aggregators and Vanished Blogs First, let me define what I think a Hawkeye blog is…and what it’s not.  A Hawkeye blog provides posts with original…

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