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Northwestern: The Thorn in Iowa’s Side

The Northwestern Wildcats have been a stumbling block for the Hawkeye football team over the past decade.  As it turns out, this is nothing new for Northwestern.  They’ve actually been spilling Iowa’s apple cart for over a century now. Just Northwestern The program my friends over at Black Heart Gold Pants have labeled just Northwestern has given the Hawks a hard time of late.  Most football fans know the Wildcats’ recent history.  Iowa lost to Northwestern, 31-15, in 1973 when Iowa was on its way to an embarassing 0-11 mark (the only winless multi-game season in Iowa history).  After that 1973 defeat,…

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Kirk Ferentz’ Greatest Wins

The wonderful double-overtime victory over Michigan State this weekend marked Kirk Ferentz’ 100th victory as head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes!  That’s a tremendous accomplishment.  In honor of Ferentz’ 100th win at Iowa, it seems appropriate to take a look back at some of his greatest coaching victories. Kirk Ferentz’ Greatest Wins In chronological order, here are a few of the most memorable victories in Coach Kirk Ferentz’ tenure at Iowa! September 18, 1999 – Iowa 24, Northern Illinois 0 (win #1) The first win of Kirk Ferentz’ career…I remember it well; I was a sophomore at the University of…

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Below is a portion of the review that Daily Iowan sports editor Seth Roberts gave on July 28, 2011, about What It Means to Be a Hawkeye: Officially written by three Iowa graduates, the book is a compilation of essays written by dozens of Hawkeye football greats, ranging from ‘60s-era running back Silas McKinnie to contemporary quarterback Ricky Stanzi — and everyone in between… The real strength of the compilation is its range of contributors, from the wife of 1930s offensive end Erwin Prasse to Brad Banks, the closest Iowa has come to a Heisman Trophy since Chuck Long. Each…

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