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A Couple Quick Site Updates

Just a couple quick updates for everyone: The press section of my site is finally up and running!  Under this newly revamped section, you can find not only the latest reviews of my books, but also interviews I’ve done and other media where my writing has been featured.  There is also a section for book signings I have done – just one so far, so it’s pretty skimpy!  Ha!  But hopefully more to come…and if so you’ll find those there too. I also wanted to update my readers about Ron Maly’s blog.  It’s one of my favorite blogs on the internet,…

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Random Hash

I hope you’ve been enjoying my special posts celebrating Super Bowl week.  However, I need to interrupt the festivities briefly…with a super edition of Random Hash! Chris Street and Hawkeye Basketball I have to admit…I was very impressed two weeks ago with how the university handled the 20th anniversary of the passing of Chris Street.  The CMS patches on the jerseys and the Chris Street warmup shirts were a great idea, and the crowd clearly rose to the occasion.  You could tell that the Hawkeye fans just weren’t going to let the team lose to Wisconsin.  After the game, the…

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Hawkeye Blogs

When I made my 100th post a few days ago, I referenced many of the Hawkeye blogs I used to visit.  Some are still active, many are defunct, and a few have completely disappeared.  Since I’ve had it on my mind lately, I figured I could share a few of those blogs I rediscovered while trolling the internet.  After all, these Hawkeye blogs are my brothers-in-arms, spreading the black and gold love to fans everywhere (something like that, anyway). Hawkeye Aggregators and Vanished Blogs First, let me define what I think a Hawkeye blog is…and what it’s not.  A Hawkeye blog provides posts with original…

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