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Lopsided Losses in Iowa Football

I love the Iowa Hawkeyes, and I relish Iowa football victories.  But there’s a reality to face in sport…the flip side of the coin is that you don’t win ’em all.  Sometimes your team loses, and every once in a while, they lose big.  That’s what makes sports exciting…the unknown and the risk.  If every game were a big victory, there would be no real drama, now would there? When Iowa was down, 38-0, to Penn State in the fourth quarter Saturday, my thoughts turned to the most lopsided losses in Iowa history.  I love the Hawks, but it’s time…

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Another Slater Link

Hello again, Hawk fans!  Just a quick note to give you yet another link about my newest book on Hawkeye great Duke Slater. Ron Maly, who covered sports for nearly 40 years with the Des Moines Register, put a nice summary of the book on his blog.  Maly’s site sometimes takes a few seconds to load, but it’s an entertaining read for Iowa fans. Thanks to Ron Maly for helping get the word out about Duke Slater!

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