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Random Hash

Hard to believe that this is the tenth installment of Random Hash! February is moving right along, so let’s make this post a Black History Month batch of hash. Third and Long: History of African-Americans in Pro Football Readers of this site know by now how frustrated I get at how disregarded Duke Slater often is today. Slater’s place as an African-American sports pioneer is constantly downplayed or overlooked, which is maddening to me. In a recent post, I reviewed the African-American trailblazers of professional football – specifically the 13 African-Americans who played in the NFL before World War II….

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Fixing Slater Hall

(This is part of a special series on getting “Justice for the Judge.”) The University of Iowa named one of their residence halls after Duke Slater in 1972. Slater Hall serves as the University of Iowa’s tribute to Duke’s career, and it was a wonderful gesture at the time. Today, however, the memorial has fallen short of its intended purpose. Slater Hall and Kinnick Stadium The same year that Iowa named Slater Hall after Duke, the school renamed Iowa Stadium after Nile Kinnick. Yet the university has done much more than that over the last forty years. Iowa didn’t just…

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Hawkeyes Revisited: Duke Slater

I wrote a book with over 220 pages about Duke Slater, so I could talk about him all day.  In terms of contributions to the Hawkeye athletic department, on the field and off, Duke Slater is, in my opinion, the greatest Hawkeye athlete of all time.  There are so many facets and aspects to his contributions to American sports that it seems impossible to cover them all.  But in this edition of Hawkeyes Revisited, I’m going to try to give you a quick overview of one of the most remarkable athletes of the twentieth century. Duke Slater Frederick Wayman Slater was…

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