The Women's Football Encyclopedia

The Women’s Football Encyclopedia
Rozehawk Publishing
January 20, 2016


The Women’s Football Encyclopedia is the greatest reference ever published on the under-publicized sport of women’s football. After nearly three years of research, the following information and statistics – unavailable in any other publication – have been collected in The Women’s Football Encyclopedia:

• Game-by-game and year-by-year results for nearly 300 women’s football teams
• Over 5,000 individual game results
• A chronological season-by-season history of the sport
• Yearly standings for 16 former and current women’s football leagues
• A classification system for all league and national champions
• A listing of several women’s football team records
• Franchise player registers with the names of over 10,000 female football players

Also included are chapters on the “first era” of women’s football from 1967-1985, the perversion of the sport known as lingerie football, and the explosive growth of women’s football abroad. With over 400 pages of data collected in one place for the first time, The Women’s Football Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive source of information ever assembled on the other half of America’s greatest sport.


The Women’s Football Encyclopedia recognizes the thousands of pioneering women of the gridiron who have lived out their dream to play football. This book is unbelievable and truly a gift to women’s football.” – Lisa King

“I love it! This book blew my expectations away, by far. This encyclopedia is loaded with accurate statistics, and the level of detail is amazing.” – John Konecki


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2016 U.S. Addendum

2016 International Addendum

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