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The Myth of the NFL’s Color Ban: Part Two

In my last post, I listed what most outside experts and historians claim are the reasons behind the NFL’s 1934 color ban – primarily, the Great Depression and George Preston Marshall. I also explained why those two justifications are a crock of hooey, post-hoc revisionist history that doesn’t pass the smell test. Okay, so what was the real reason? Well, simply put: the color ban of 1934 was merely the continuation of a direction NFL owners had been moving in since 1927. Let’s take a closer look. One Era or Two? The biggest mistake these historians make – and you’ll…

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State Your Case: Duke Slater

One of my favorite new radio shows to listen to lately is the Talk of Fame show, hosted by Clark Judge, Ron Borges, and Rick Gosselin. These three voters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame discuss pro football history as well as the current NFL, with a focus on potential and future Hall of Fame players. It’s certainly an interesting concept for a show, and the discussions are often very enlightening. One of the best segments of the show, to me, is the “State Your Case” segment, where one member of the show makes the Hall of Fame case…

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Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor

(This is part of a special series on getting “Justice for the Judge.”) Duke Slater deserves to be enshrined in the Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor. He was one of the franchise’s greatest linemen ever, and his accomplishments with the Cardinals merit such recognition. A Brief History of the Cardinals Many casual sports fans may not be aware of this, but the Arizona Cardinals have a long, storied past. In fact, they are the oldest continuously run professional football franchise in the United States. The franchise was founded on the South Side of Chicago in 1898 and adopted the Cardinals…

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