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Random Hash

I hope you’ve been enjoying my special posts celebrating Super Bowl week.  However, I need to interrupt the festivities briefly…with a super edition of Random Hash! Chris Street and Hawkeye Basketball I have to admit…I was very impressed two weeks ago with how the university handled the 20th anniversary of the passing of Chris Street.  The CMS patches on the jerseys and the Chris Street warmup shirts were a great idea, and the crowd clearly rose to the occasion.  You could tell that the Hawkeye fans just weren’t going to let the team lose to Wisconsin.  After the game, the…

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Hawkeye Flashback: 1953 Notre Dame

People have asked me who I’ll be rooting for in the BCS National Championship game on January 7.  On one side, you have Alabama and all the SEC fans who think they’re better than everyone else.  On the other side, there’s Notre Dame, and all their fans who think they’re better than everyone else. You’d think it would be a tough choice, but I’d much rather see the Crimson Tide come away with a victory.  For one thing, at least the SEC’s arrogance is rooted in recent success on the field.  Notre Dame has made headlines and looked down on…

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