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African-Americans in Big Ten Football, 1890-1963

Recently we took a look back at black pioneers of Hawkeye football.  No other football program in the Big Ten – or in Division I-A football – can claim such an extensive a list of early African-American standouts.  Still, every Big Ten football program has one or more racial trailblazers worthy of being remembered. Unfortunately, a comprehensive list of African-Americans in Big Ten football from the pre-World War II era has never been compiled.  It’s only recently that schools have seen fit to list and commemorate these pioneers.  I wasn’t able to find a list of African-American football standouts for…

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Western Interstate University Football Association

In light of my post about Frank Holbrook, I decided to take a closer look at Iowa’s first conference: the Western Interstate University Football Association, which Iowa was a member of for six seasons from 1892-1897. According to my research, the WIUFA – along with the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the Northwest, which was also founded in 1892 – was the first interstate football conference between what are now Division I-A schools.  At least three football conferences predate the WIUFA, but these leagues were single-state conferences with schools in Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas, respectively. The Western Interstate University Football Association Membership in the…

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