Fans who have been reading my stuff for a while know just how fanatical I am about women’s football rosters. When it comes to preserving the history of this sport, is there anything more important than documenting and recording the names of the women who played it? Believe me, thirty years from now…you’re going to want to remember who these women were. (It’s a tragedy, in fact, that the names of the women who played from 1967-1985 weren’t memorialized in a similar fashion.)

Beyond that, I like to be, you know, factual. When a very, very basic question is asked, I want to be able to give an answer that is both accurate and current, not take a wild guess or spew out some data from five years ago. Here’s a pretty basic question that fans might have: “How many women – across the country and spanning all leagues – played women’s football last year?”

Do you know the answer? Well, you could ballpark it or maybe cite a stat from eons ago, but I wanted to get a real answer to that question. It’d be pretty easy to do, at least in theory. If you have the rosters of every women’s football team in every league, that’d give you the total and, as a bonus, you could preserve their names for posterity.

With that, here’s the 2016 Women’s Football Census! I found the rosters of (nearly) every women’s football team that played in 2016, alphabetized the names, and listed them out for your convenience.

Here’s the breakdown: there were six women’s football leagues that played in 2016 (with no independent teams) – the WFA, IWFL, USWFL, LAFL, WXFL, and NMAFL-W.

WFA: Every team listed their roster on As usual, the WFA takes the lead as the most professionally-run women’s football league out there.

IWFL: I’d like to recognize, as always, the complete and total lack of cooperation from the IWFL in completing this project. About a dozen IWFL teams have their rosters listed on, but I was on my own for the rest.

Fortunately, most IWFL teams (if not the league itself) are pretty well run, which means you can find their rosters on the individual team websites. In the end, I was only missing two IWFL teams’ rosters – the Sacramento Sirens and the Detroit Pride. Their rosters weren’t listed on either their team websites or on HostedSports.

Now, the IWFL requires these teams to submit their rosters to the league – the league charges teams a per-player fee, and you can be darn sure Kezia Disney wants to get paid (she has a bingo hall to run, after all). But while the IWFL requires these teams to submit rosters to them, it doesn’t release those player lists to the public so that their contributions to the sport can be publicly commemorated.

Fortunately, if you’re a member of the IWFL, you can look up any team’s current roster on the members-only website. Just as fortunately, many folks in the IWFL love me, because I’m just so darn lovable. So I was able to have one of my friends in the IWFL secure those rosters for me.

The other four, smaller leagues don’t use HostedSports, nor do any of them have a league website that would house this information. Thankfully, they are, by definition, small…so chasing down each team is a little easier.

USWFL: These teams are probably the best organized among those in the four smaller leagues. I was able to secure rosters for five of the seven league teams through their individual websites, all of them except the Connecticut Hawks and Erie Illusion. USWFL Commissioner Tracy Parker then put me in touch with the Connecticut Hawks, who submitted their roster to me.

I’m still missing the players from the Erie Illusion from this list, although a representative of that team promised to get me that information soon. When I receive it, I’ll add them.

LAFL: Two of the league’s four teams – the Music City Mizfits and Cape Fear Thunder – have rosters listed on their team websites. The Tennessee Thunder are not included on this list, mostly because they were born midseason from the remains of the Tri-Cities Thunder. I have to believe the Tennessee Thunder roster is pretty much an exact overlap of Tri-Cities; rather than list every member of the Tri-Cities Thunder twice, I just excluded the Tennessee version of the team.

The only LAFL team I’m missing is the Arkansas Xtra, who LAFL head Randall Fields informed me is no longer associated with the league. If any member of that team wants in on this list, shoot me a message and I’ll certainly accommodate them.

Finally, the WXFL and NMAFL-W are both small, five-team leagues that haven’t provided any roster information publicly, to my knowledge. Again, if they’d like to join, I’d be happy to take a look at their rosters…but I’m going to go ahead and guess that these WXFL and NMAFL-W teams are very, very small indeed.

The final totals:

Overall, 83 teams are listed here, with one team (the Tennessee Thunder) not listed as a virtual duplicate of a team that is (the Tri-Cities Thunder). Not listed are the USWFL’s Erie Illusion, LAFL’s Arkansas Xtra, and the entire WXFL and NMAFL-W. These 12 teams are fairly small…if I had to guess, I think this list is missing less than 200 players total.

Some players share the same common name but appear to be fairly distinct individuals (the Sin City Trojans and Alabama Fire each have a Jennifer Jones listed, for example). There are five players, however, that appear to be listed on two rosters at once for two teams in different leagues in the same region.

For instance, Rebekah LaMie is listed on the roster of both the WFA’s West Coast Lightning and the IWFL’s North County Stars. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s possible that one team’s roster info is outdated, that she switched teams midseason, or that both teams wanted to hold open a roster spot for her. There’s nothing nefarious here, but I mention it only because I didn’t want to double-count those five players. I denoted these players with an XX in the listings below, and there may be one or two others I missed who fit the same description.

Lastly, just because a player is on a roster, obviously, does not mean they actually played for that team this season. Some teams list players who are on injured reserve, and sometimes teams just list a player to reserve a spot for her to give her the option to show up if she wants to (which is why, for example, Sami Grisafe is listed with the Chicago Force despite “retiring” two years ago). So the roster count is inflated beyond the count of players who actually took the field this year, but it’s a good starting point.

All told, there were 2,672 players listed on women’s football rosters this year. Throw in another 200 or so from teams for which I don’t have info, and that’s the most accurate total I can give you.

Purely for informational purposes, here are how the individual teams stack up:

WFA Pittsburgh Passion 70
WFA D.C. Divas 67
IWFL Minnesota Vixen 55
IWFL Utah Falconz 53
WFA Boston Renegades 50
WFA Chicago Force 46
IWFL New York Sharks 46
WFA Arlington Impact 44
WFA Dallas Elite 44
WFA Kansas City Titans 43
WFA Richmond Black Widows 43
IWFL Houston Energy 43
WFA Detroit Dark Angels 42
WFA Portland Fighting Shockwave 42
WFA Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 41
IWFL Baltimore Nighthawks 41
WFA St. Louis Slam 40
WFA Cleveland Fusion 39
WFA Tampa Bay Inferno 39
WFA Houston Power 38
WFA Seattle Majestics 38
IWFL Washington Prodigy 38
WFA Columbus Comets 37
WFA Pacific Warriors 37
WFA Toledo Reign 37
IWFL Austin Yellow Jackets 37
IWFL Carolina Queens 37
IWFL Phoenix Phantomz 37
WFA Philadelphia Phantomz 36
WFA Tacoma Trauma 36
WFA Atlanta Phoenix 35
WFA West Michigan Mayhem 34
IWFL Madison Blaze 34
IWFL North County Stars 34
IWFL Houston Wildcats 34
WFA Jacksonville Dixie Blues 33
WFA Everett Reign 32
IWFL Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 32
IWFL Tulsa Threat 31
WFA Austin Outlaws 30
WFA Central Cal War Angels 30
WFA Indy Crash 30
USWFL Cincinnati Sizzle 30
WFA Fayetteville Fierce 29
WFA Mile High Blaze 29
WFA Orlando Anarchy 29
WFA West Coast Lightning 29
IWFL Iowa Crush 29
WFA Derby City Dynamite 28
IWFL Carson Bobcats 28
IWFL Montreal Blitz 28
IWFL Tennessee Train 28
USWFL Connecticut Hawks 28
WFA Huntsville Tigers 27
IWFL Nevada Storm 27
WFA Daytona Waverunners 26
WFA Ventura County Wolfpack 26
IWFL Nebraska Stampede 26
IWFL Philadelphia Firebirds 26
WFA Sin City Trojans 25
IWFL Colorado Freeze 25
IWFL New York Knockout 25
WFA Alabama Fire 24
WFA Utah Blitz 24
IWFL Bakersfield Bombers 24
IWFL Maine Mayhem 24
IWFL San Antonio Regulators 24
WFA Acadiana Zydeco 23
WFA Keystone Assault 23
IWFL Albuquerque Avengers 23
IWFL Carolina Phoenix 23
USWFL West Virginia Wildfire 23
IWFL Sacramento Sirens 23
USWFL Southern Indiana Storm 22
WFA Flint City Riveters 21
IWFL Knoxville Lightning 21
USWFL New England Nightmare 21
USWFL Tennessee Legacy 20
WFA Tri-Cities Thunder 18
LAFL Music City Mizfits 18
IWFL Southern Tier Valkyrie 16
IWFL Detroit Pride 16
LAFL Cape Fear Thunder 13

And now, here it is…the 2016 women’s football census! There are so many names that I’m going to break it down into three posts. This is Part 1 – Last Names A-G. Part 2 – Last Names H-O and Part 3 – Last Names P-Z can be found at the links attached.

Cleveland Fusion 86 Acker, Lauren DB
Pacific Warriors 52 Adams, Brittany DL
Boston Renegades 47 Adams, Erica LB
West Michigan Mayhem 24 Adams, Katherine LB
Carson Bobcats 45 Adams, Moe FB
Connecticut Hawks 58 Adams, Sarah
Columbus Comets 33 Adams-Pugh, Alexus WR
Utah Blitz 78 Aguilar, Jessica OL
Utah Falconz 74 Ahotaeiloa, Olive DL
Utah Falconz 27 Aiono, Tasha RB
Chicago Force 37 Airaki, Jill DB
Carolina Queens 32 Ajavon, Laniece
Tennessee Legacy 23 Aka, Stephanie WR
Chicago Force 22 Alberts, Allison WR
Toledo Reign 92 Alberts, Maggie TE
Madison Blaze 13 Alexander, Akiya WR/DB
Cleveland Fusion 23 Alexander, Desiree LB
Philadelphia Phantomz 10 Alexander, E’Shanna DB
Tulsa Threat 66 Alford, Erica OL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 95 Aliimatafitafi, Stephanie OL
Albuquerque Avengers 8 Alire, Val RB
Carolina Phoenix 4 Alison, Mana WR/CB
Philadelphia Phantomz 34 Allen, Bianca RB
Dallas Elite 17 Allen, Desiree DB
Austin Yellow Jackets 18 Allen, Kelly DL/QB
Iowa Crush 42 Allison, Alicia OL/DL
Boston Renegades 50 Alpert, Amanda OL
Minnesota Vixen 2 Alsadi, Samantha DB/WR
Madison Blaze 1 Alt, Chelsea TE/DB
Everett Reign 6 Al-Tamimi, Noor WR
Carson Bobcats 78 Alvardo, Dianna OL
Houston Energy 92 Amaya, Isabel DL/OL
Madison Blaze 39 Anderson, Darilyn OL/DL
Pittsburgh Passion 61 Anderson, Dianne LB
Tampa Bay Inferno 49 Anderson, Felicia OL
West Michigan Mayhem 33 Anderson, Heather FB
Indy Crash 11 Anderson, Jenessa DB
Southern Indiana Storm 49 Anderson, Kim
Connecticut Hawks 8 Anderson, Laura
Minnesota Vixen 14 Anderson, Mackenzie LB/QB
Richmond Black Widows 70 Anderson, Melodie OL
Acadiana Zydeco 80 Anderson, Nicole LB
West Coast Lightning 7 Anderson, Rebekah WR
Sacramento Sirens 72 Anderson, Sarah
Baltimore Nighthawks 10 Anderson, Sheri QB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 73 Anderson, Tamika DL
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 20 Anderson, Wendy RB
Nebraska Stampede 13 Andrew, Jenny QB
West Michigan Mayhem 11 Andrews, Ashley LB
Detroit Pride Aniapam, Zakiya
Orlando Anarchy 86 Anthony, Michelle TE
Cincinnati Sizzle 13 Apel, Paige
Colorado Freeze 97 Apodaca, Reese OL
Cleveland Fusion 64 Applin, Temeca OL
Mile High Blaze 13 Apps, Alesha WR
Boston Renegades 26 Aquaro, Kristen DB
Utah Blitz 5 Arce, Tessie Mae DB
Montreal Blitz 77 Archer, Jennifer OL
Tulsa Threat 55 Arkeketa, Allison DL
Tampa Bay Inferno 56 Armstrong, Lekesha OL
Atlanta Phoenix 62 Armstrong, Mikia DL
Seattle Majestics 16 Arnold, April LB
Carson Bobcats 26 Arnold, Chassity RB
Montreal Blitz 40 Arpin, Annie OL
Austin Yellow Jackets 99 Arreola, Crystal
Southern Indiana Storm 79 Arthur, Amy
Southern Indiana Storm 43 Arthur, Beth
Portland Fighting Shockwave 27 AsahniiRuff, Nikia LB
Houston Wildcats 90 Asberry, Yvonne
Chicago Force 95 Ash, Yolanda DL
Central Cal War Angels 59 Asi, Crystal DL
Central Cal War Angels 68 Asi, Lani OL
Bakersfield Bombers Asoau, Ashley
Bakersfield Bombers Asuncion, Alexandria
Minnesota Vixen 4 Atkins, Amanda WR/DB
Huntsville Tigers 2 Atkins, Franchesca DB
Sacramento Sirens 3 Atkinson, Ashley
Chicago Force 59 Aubert, Melanie RB
Tampa Bay Inferno 26 Aubourg, Elise DL
Montreal Blitz 55 Auger, Myriam DL
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 43 Aulava, Meleane DL
Nebraska Stampede 35 Ausbie, Dom RB
Kansas City Titans 61 Austain, Sabrina OL
Cincinnati Sizzle 29 Austin, Shilla
Pacific Warriors 12 Austin-Bean, Ashlee WR
Ventura County Wolfpack Auvae, Pogisa TE
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 50 Avendano, Maritoni OL
New England Nightmare 16 Avery, Caite DB/RB/K
Austin Outlaws 62 Avila, Sasha OL
Ventura County Wolfpack Avilla, Valintina OL
Philadelphia Firebirds Avvento, Amanda
Sacramento Sirens 63 Axiak, Katherine
Derby City Dynamite 26 Ayres, Ana DB
Utah Falconz 41 Babcock, Chantal WR
Portland Fighting Shockwave 63 Bacastow, Kelsea OL
Pittsburgh Passion 81 Baden, Laura TE
Baltimore Nighthawks 64 Badgett, Kayla FB
Tennessee Legacy 2 Bady, Starry WR
Houston Wildcats 88 Bailey, Kassidy
Portland Fighting Shockwave 80 Bailey, LaToya DL
Tri-Cities Thunder 31 Bailey, Megan TE
Minnesota Vixen 44 Bain, Elizabeth LB/RB
Daytona Waverunners 14 Bain, Keiaira DB
Portland Fighting Shockwave 36 Bair, Tess DL
Pittsburgh Passion 82 Baker, Angela WR
Austin Outlaws 52 Baker, Jessica DL
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 14 Baker, Justina DL
Derby City Dynamite 35 Baker, Latisha LB
Fayetteville Fierce 16 Baker, Michellie OL
Nebraska Stampede 23 Baker, Tiffany LB
Sacramento Sirens 51 Bal, Ui
Ventura County Wolfpack Baldwin, Alaina RB
St. Louis Slam 61 Ball, Marion OL
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 34 Ball, Rosa DB
Indy Crash 25 Ballantine, Tobi TE
Sin City Trojans 8 Ballard, Taneighsha DL
Pittsburgh Passion 59 Balochko, Stephanie LB
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 76 Balzarini, Twyla DL
Tacoma Trauma 17 Banach, Deni TE
Central Cal War Angels 3 Bandstra, Angela LB
Houston Energy 6 Bankett, Tysha QB
Sacramento Sirens 24 Banks, Kristi
Derby City Dynamite 72 Banks, Thelma OL
North County Stars 72 Barba, Charlie OL
Minnesota Vixen 95 Barber, Drue DL
Richmond Black Widows 23 Barbour, Janella FB
Tennessee Train 56 Barbour, Kayla OL
Orlando Anarchy 23 Barden, La Tosha RB
Kansas City Titans 62 Barnard-Weston, India OL
Nevada Storm 13 Barnes, Clarissa LB
Keystone Assault 21 Barnes, Shawntae LB
Columbus Comets 17 Barnes, Teneicia RB
Chicago Force 43 Barnett, Zoe RB
Houston Energy 70 Barrera, Valerie DL/OL
Tri-Cities Thunder 8 Barrett, Christin DL
Austin Yellow Jackets 5 Barry, Joy WR/K
Columbus Comets 1 Basenback, Angela DB
Tennessee Train 7 Basham Goodner, Trista RB
Pittsburgh Passion 32 Bashe, Allison DB
St. Louis Slam 15 Baskin, Chasity LB
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 22 Bass, Brandi LB
Tennessee Train 39 Bassett, Jen DB
St. Louis Slam 47 Bastain, Brooklynn DB
D.C. Divas 21 Bates, Kendra QB
Kansas City Titans 76 Bates, Kristina DL
Mile High Blaze 57 Bates, Sable LB
Iowa Crush 5 Battin, Ashleigh OL/DL
New York Knockout 34 Bauer, Chantal LB
Columbus Comets 72 Bautista, Rebecca OL
Houston Power 22 Baxter, Anisha DL
Pittsburgh Passion 30 Baxter, Madison DB
Baltimore Nighthawks 8 Beacham, Shawna DB
Baltimore Nighthawks 17 Beadles, Ashley DB
Arlington Impact 2 Beal, Kashawn TE
Richmond Black Widows 12 Beall, Nichole LB
Detroit Pride Beam, Amanda
Utah Falconz 13 Bean, Louise QB
Boston Renegades 14 Beatty, Marcia DB
Maine Mayhem 9 Beaulieu, Paula
Tulsa Threat 23 Beaver, Katrina LB
Pittsburgh Passion 41 Beaver, Kimberly DB
Iowa Crush 2 Beck, Sarah
Boston Renegades 80 Beckham, Ashley TE
D.C. Divas 53 Bedwell, Missy OL
Detroit Pride Beeks, Megan
Detroit Dark Angels 7 Beier, Nicole QB
Boston Renegades 87 Beinecke, Emily WR
Montreal Blitz 41 Belanger, Emilie LB
Richmond Black Widows 74 Belcher, T’Airra OL
West Michigan Mayhem 75 Belew, Isabel OL
Washington Prodigy 24 Bell, Antoinette DB
Cleveland Fusion 91 Bell, Caprita DL
Pittsburgh Passion 44 Bell, Kellie DB
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 76 Bell, Kristann DL
Philadelphia Phantomz 1 Bell, Satoria WR
Derby City Dynamite 77 Belle, Jaimme DL
Boston Renegades 39 Belliard, Alexis LB
Phoenix Phantomz 42 Belliard, Desiree FB/RB/LB
Philadelphia Phantomz 88 Bello, Innocence OL
Seattle Majestics 87 Bell-Robinson, Christina DB
Acadiana Zydeco 58 Ben, Mia OL
Tennessee Legacy 22 Benbow, Ashley RB
Dallas Elite 96 Bender, Niki DL
Fayetteville Fierce 3 Benefield, Briana P/K
Acadiana Zydeco 82 Benefield, Lisa K
Austin Outlaws 21 Benitez, Lucinda LB
Seattle Majestics 42 Benjamin, Jean OL
Orlando Anarchy 55 Benjamin, Wendy OL
Nebraska Stampede 42 Bennett, Angie DB
Knoxville Lightning 77 Bennett, Lena DL
Madison Blaze 8 Bennett, Paisley WR/DB
Detroit Dark Angels 67 Bennett, Sherita OL
Detroit Dark Angels 3 Bennington, Jacquelene DB
Montreal Blitz 56 Benoit, Lea LB
Kansas City Titans 70 Benson, Consuela DL
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 9 Benson, Toni WR
West Coast Lightning 4 Bergren, Jessica QB
New England Nightmare 65 Bermudez , Jerica OL/DL
Mile High Blaze 11 Bernert, Brandi WR
Utah Falconz 42 Berry, Nicole WR
West Virginia Wildfire 23 Bess, Bobbi TE/LB/P
Derby City Dynamite 55 Best, Danielle DL
Orlando Anarchy 8 Betancourth, Jennifer WR
North County Stars 87 Betts, Kassie WR
Cleveland Fusion 52 Biggers, Chelsea LB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 74 Bilal, Danyel OL
Detroit Dark Angels 55 Billington, Raychal DL
Derby City Dynamite 45 Bins, Sheldon LB
Colorado Freeze 70 Birdsong, Nicole DL
Tennessee Train 86 Bischer, Corri DL
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 2 Bitterling, Sierra WR
Madison Blaze 65 Bjelopetrovich, Ali OL/DL
Dallas Elite 70 Blackmon, Kenoris OL
Arlington Impact 14 Blackshire, Sonja LB
Detroit Dark Angels 29 Blahnik, Sydney DB
Cincinnati Sizzle 74 Blair, Christina
Sacramento Sirens 81 Blair, Courtney
Atlanta Phoenix 85 Blair, Shayla OL
D.C. Divas 75 Blais, Kathryn OL
Music City Mizfits 1 Blake, Ayanna DB/WR
Arlington Impact 24 Blakely, Kinickie LB
D.C. Divas 15 Blakey, Dana DB
Orlando Anarchy 22 Blanco, Paula RB
Toledo Reign 44 Blasingim, Angela DL
Boston Renegades 44 Bloom, Samantha LB
Chicago Force 40 Bluske, Leeann OL
Dallas Elite 85 Bobo, Erika WR
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 31 Bochardy, Tatum OL
Toledo Reign 19 Boda, Mary-Margaret RB
Nebraska Stampede 14 Bohaboj, Kelley DB
Houston Wildcats 99 Boisvert, Alexis
Carson Bobcats 33 Bolden, Cachrelle LB
Carolina Queens 11 Bolden, Lashon
Utah Falconz 70 Bolding, Taylor OL
Chicago Force 77 Bolling, Sequita DL
Tampa Bay Inferno 17 Bolognino, Amanda WR
New York Knockout 65 Bolton, Yvonne OL
Boston Renegades 21 Bonds, Chante DB
Richmond Black Widows 72 Bonds, Sonja OL
Huntsville Tigers 86 Bookert, Kameron OL
Cape Fear Thunder 7 Boomer, Renita RB
Pacific Warriors 40 Boone, Monique RB
Kansas City Titans 29 Borders, Morghan LB
New York Sharks 70 Borges, Nicole OL
Cincinnati Sizzle 10 Bostwick, Sydney
Tacoma Trauma 5 Bottenberg, Maria WR
Washington Prodigy 20 Botts, Ashley DB
Southern Tier Valkyrie 32 Bourne, Ashley WR
West Virginia Wildfire 53 Bowen, Kirsten OL/DL
Toledo Reign 90 Bowen, Sandra LB
Tennessee Legacy 17 Bowen, Theresa QB
Tennessee Train 38 Bowers, Amanda WR
Maine Mayhem 21 Bowie, Ariane
Dallas Elite 92 Bowman, Lakissta DL
Dallas Elite 57 Bowman, LeShaunte DL
Houston Energy 71 Bowman, Nakita DL/OL
Pittsburgh Passion 74 Bowman, Paige OL
Nebraska Stampede 27 Box, Ashley DL
Washington Prodigy 89 Boyd, Crystal FB
Southern Tier Valkyrie 20 Boyd, Ebony DL
Music City Mizfits 50 Boyd, Jessica OL/DL
Philadelphia Phantomz 91 Boykin, Jermerica DL
Maine Mayhem 48 Bracket, Sam
Fayetteville Fierce 14 Bradley, Kendra WR
Austin Outlaws 12 Bradshaw, Ashley WR
Tampa Bay Inferno 8 Brady, Candace WR
Richmond Black Widows 19 Brailer, Nicole RB
D.C. Divas 34 Branch, Ashley DL
Iowa Crush 21 Brandner, Annie TE
Iowa Crush 28 Brandner, Laura
Detroit Dark Angels 96 Brandon, Krystie OL
Carson Bobcats 77 Brannon, Kris OL
Minnesota Vixen 52 Braun, Michele OL
Cape Fear Thunder 24 Braxton, Leina OL/DL
Daytona Waverunners 74 Brent-Harris, Dionne OL
Madison Blaze 5 Brettingen-Nash, Nat RB/DB
Baltimore Nighthawks 18 Brewer, Breonna WR
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 24 Brewster, Amanda RB
Chicago Force 25 Brick, Cassey RB
Dallas Elite 15 Bridges, Courtney OL
Chicago Force 45 Bridges, Dorian DB
Tampa Bay Inferno 88 Briggs, Latonya DB
Mile High Blaze 26 Brigham, Shauntavia DL
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 12 Brigman, Kayla WR
Kansas City Titans 38 Brim, Cadena LB
Utah Falconz 25 Brimhall, Camille DL
North County Stars 2 Brinkman, Redd QB
Carolina Phoenix 49 Britton, Kristal LB/WR
Pacific Warriors 66 Broadnax, Mikeshia DL
St. Louis Slam 88 Brock, Danielle DB
Montreal Blitz 60 Brodeur, Sonia OL
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 23 Brokaw, Alicia FB
Nebraska Stampede 32 Broksle, Kayla DL
Fayetteville Fierce 92 Brooks, Angela LB
Houston Energy 10 Brooks, Sheil’Londa WR/DB
Toledo Reign 66 Broshious, Nicole OL
Arlington Impact 21 Brown, Angela WR
Madison Blaze 90 Brown, Anita OL/DL
Austin Outlaws 34 Brown, Bridgette FB
Houston Energy 9 Brown, Chelsea TE/LB
Detroit Dark Angels 51 Brown, Darlene OL
Seattle Majestics 29 Brown, Edwina OL
Detroit Pride Brown, Jennifer
Seattle Majestics 64 Brown, Jessica OL
Baltimore Nighthawks 13 Brown, Kaily RB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 61 Brown, Kiara DL
Central Cal War Angels 45 Brown, Lastar LB
Minnesota Vixen 56 Brown, Laura DL/TE
Southern Tier Valkyrie 55 Brown, Leina DL
Minnesota Vixen 16 Brown, Marlissa
New York Sharks 18 Brown, Nhandi DB
Colorado Freeze 93 Brown, Rachel LB
Alabama Fire 5 Brown, Reneika LB
Houston Wildcats 6 Brown, Shelby
Nebraska Stampede 90 Brown, Tia DL
Houston Power 74 Brown, Tobi OL
D.C. Divas 17 Brownson, Callie WR
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 24 Broxey, Ashanti WR
Tampa Bay Inferno 12 Brundage, Kristen TE
Montreal Blitz 9 Brunet, Rose-Amelie WR
Phoenix Phantomz 83 Bryan, Beth LB/DL
Richmond Black Widows 14 Bryant, April WR
Minnesota Vixen 96 Bryant, Cynthia DL
Austin Yellow Jackets 15 Bryant, Felexis DB
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 80 Bryant, Santina TE
Baltimore Nighthawks 69 Buchanan, Naeemah OL
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 62 Buck, Sunny LB
Derby City Dynamite 1 Buckner, LaEssence QB
Boston Renegades 40 Buechler, Nicole LB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 29 Buetel, Robin DB
Fayetteville Fierce 7 Buie, Jasmine WR
Philadelphia Phantomz 31 Buie, Sade DB
Kansas City Titans 20 Bulock, Nyala DB
Tennessee Train 68 Bulter, Catrice OL
Philadelphia Phantomz 5 Bundy, Jade WR
Flint City Riveters 56 Bunnell, Jeniffer DL
Utah Falconz 8 Buns, Abby LB
Mile High Blaze 5 Bunstine, Carrie DB
Southern Indiana Storm Burges, Amber
Southern Indiana Storm Burges, Emma
New York Sharks 94 Burgos, Jeanette LB
New York Sharks 80 Burgos-Wilkins, Dana WR
Madison Blaze 2 Burke, Ali WR/DB
Baltimore Nighthawks 60 Burkett, Courtney OL
Everett Reign 5 Burns, Brittany LB
Kansas City Titans 35 Burns, Tinika DL
Seattle Majestics 13 Burr, Maya DB
Boston Renegades 91 Burtoft, Susan OL
D.C. Divas 20 Burton, Christiana RB
North County Stars 43 Bush, Adrianna RB
Houston Power 89 Bush, Ashley DL
Tacoma Trauma 52 Bush-Johnson, Mikisa LB
Arlington Impact 42 Bustamante, Conception WR
Utah Falconz 65 Butterfield, Brynne OL
New York Sharks 35 Butts, Hadisha FB
Indy Crash 51 Byrd, Janayla WR
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 28 Byrd, Lori DB
Tacoma Trauma 11 Cabalse, Selena RB
North County Stars 63 Cable, Jessica OL
Boston Renegades 54 Cabrera, Jessica OL
Tampa Bay Inferno 18 Cabrera, Nickesha LB
Flint City Riveters 78 Cagle, Christal OL
Boston Renegades 7 Cahill, Allison QB
Houston Energy 24 Caillouet Bearden, Cassie RB
Cleveland Fusion 80 Cain, Catherine DB
Nevada Storm 19 Cain, Natasha DL
Music City Mizfits 67 Calvert, Stacia OL/DL
Keystone Assault 8 Cambria, Bridget QB
Knoxville Lightning 24 Cameron, Michala WR
Philadelphia Firebirds Camp, Yasmeen
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 86 Campbell, Liz DB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 54 Campbell, Maggie LB
Southern Indiana Storm 22 Campbell-Brooks, Amanda
Houston Wildcats 4 Cantu, Laura
San Antonio Regulators 10 Canty, Tara
New York Sharks 2 Capardi, Gina WR
Austin Outlaws 50 Capers-Cristobal, Malia OL
Carolina Queens 22 Capps, Jenny
West Coast Lightning 26 Cardenas, Evilene DL
Southern Indiana Storm Cardwell, Rebecca
Atlanta Phoenix 79 Carlton, Tanea DL
Philadelphia Phantomz 15 Carney, Charniece DB
Carolina Phoenix 33 Carr, Angela OL/DL
Baltimore Nighthawks 29 Carr, Sara DB
Philadelphia Firebirds Carr, Sheemea
West Coast Lightning 98 Carrasco-Cannon, Lorraine RB
Nebraska Stampede 1 Carroll, Lindsay DL
Carolina Phoenix 36 Carroll, Tiffany RB/LB
Atlanta Phoenix 10 Carson, Courtney DB
Carson Bobcats 34 Carson, Rebekah TE
Atlanta Phoenix 60 Carter, Danielle OL
Detroit Dark Angels 24 Carter, Keontay RB
Boston Renegades 79 Carter, Lakia DL
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 17 Casaletto, Nicole DB
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 30 Case, Heather RB
West Michigan Mayhem 10 Case-Watkoske, Shannon WR
Boston Renegades 36 Casey, Charlene LB
Chicago Force 39 Casey, Kelsey LB
Cleveland Fusion 27 Cash, Ebony DL
Nevada Storm 93 Cash-Silva, Jana LB
Cleveland Fusion 12 Casiano, Rosa RB
Seattle Majestics 48 Caskey, Vanessa WR
New York Sharks 79 Cassese, Janine OL
Fayetteville Fierce 4 Castaneda, Alyssa WR
Utah Blitz 89 Castillo, Angelica DL
Ventura County Wolfpack Castillo, Jalissa QB
Kansas City Titans 73 Castillo, Jessica OL
New York Sharks 83 Castillo, Vikki WR
Seattle Majestics 4 Castor, Melissa LB
Portland Fighting Shockwave 69 Castro, Jenna OL
Austin Outlaws 55 Castro, Lizette OL
Pittsburgh Passion 25 Catone, Tara RB
Houston Energy 3 Cauthen, Crystal LB/DB
Albuquerque Avengers 99 Cedilla, Crystal OL
Dallas Elite 98 Cezar, Valdreace DL
Connecticut Hawks 22 Chamber, Alexx
Acadiana Zydeco 76 Chamberlain, Katlyn DL
Utah Falconz 24 Chambers, Andi LB
Boston Renegades 77 Chambers, Robenia DL
Atlanta Phoenix 45 Champion, Kareemah DL
Everett Reign 42 Champoux, Doria OL
Austin Yellow Jackets 48 Chapman, Coco OL
Washington Prodigy 71 Chapman, Jennifer DL
Carolina Phoenix 77 Chappell, Murphie OL/DL
Utah Blitz 18 Charles, Lindsey QB
Keystone Assault 69 Chase, Sydelle FB
Richmond Black Widows 29 Chasteen, Melissa DB
New York Sharks 65 Chatham, Allison DL
Albuquerque Avengers 70 Chavez, Ashley DL/OL
Tampa Bay Inferno 7 Chavez, Marcelina RB
Albuquerque Avengers 49 Chavez, Merlinda DL
Tacoma Trauma 27 Chenault, Quinia DL
D.C. Divas 68 Chesley, Lauren OL
Montreal Blitz 86 Chevrier, Annabelle WR
Connecticut Hawks 68 Chila, Jackie
Daytona Waverunners 4 Childers, Jessica QB
Nevada Storm 10 Chinander, Kelly QB
San Antonio Regulators 4 Chladek, Joanie
Chicago Force 34 Choules, Mary LB
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 1 Church, Lauren P/K
Houston Energy 32 Chyna, Maiden DB
Daytona Waverunners 27 Cintron, Lillian RB
Pacific Warriors 92 Cisneros, Jacqueline DL
West Coast Lightning 66 Cisneros, Sandra OL
West Virginia Wildfire 45 Clapham, Margene LB
Atlanta Phoenix 90 Clark, Blair OL
San Antonio Regulators 12 Clark, D.C.
Sacramento Sirens 44 Clark, Erica
Southern Tier Valkyrie 8 Clark, Isela TE
Pittsburgh Passion 33 Clark, Kelli DB
Colorado Freeze 75 Clark, Lindsey OL
Iowa Crush 36 Clark, Magenta
Atlanta Phoenix 75 Clark, Monique DL
Houston Power 19 Clark, Raven DB
Acadiana Zydeco 17 Clark, Yolanda DB
Iowa Crush 79 Clausen, Krista
St. Louis Slam 18 Clay, Chelsea WR
Arlington Impact 77 Clements, Cherith-Eden RB
Madison Blaze 34 Close, Pam FB/LB
Connecticut Hawks 63 Closius, Tina
Carolina Phoenix 87 Cobb, Sydni OL/DL
St. Louis Slam 52 Cockrell, Candice LB
Daytona Waverunners 63 Coco, Chanel OL
Dallas Elite 59 Coffin, Nicole LB
Iowa Crush 3 Coffman, Amber DB/K
Iowa Crush Cofield, Shaq
Daytona Waverunners 5 Cofield, Tenisha LB
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 44 Colbert, Karie OL
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 13 Colbert, Lindzy DL
Bakersfield Bombers Cole, Sabrina
Richmond Black Widows 11 Cole, Shanice WR
Houston Energy 18 Cole, Tara QB
Tulsa Threat 52 Coleman, Cami DL
Indy Crash 13 Coleman, Emma QB
Tacoma Trauma 28 Coleman, Teresa FB
Carolina Queens 51 Coley, Denise
Pacific Warriors 1 Collins, Erika QB
Tennessee Legacy 3 Collins, Jessica WR
Pittsburgh Passion 47 Collins, Johanna LB
Houston Power 44 Collins, Reniecia WR
West Virginia Wildfire 22 Collins, Tausha RB/LB/RB
West Virginia Wildfire 11 Collins, Tshawna RB/LB
Utah Falconz 54 Colobella, Kelly DL
West Coast Lightning 71 Concha, Cynthia DL
New England Nightmare 54 Conde, Kayla
D.C. Divas 6 Congialdi, Amanda WR
Tampa Bay Inferno 92 Conley, Shantivia DL
Flint City Riveters 82 Connell, Roxanne DB
Seattle Majestics 17 Connor, Christina WR
Austin Outlaws 8 Contreras, Katherine LB
Southern Tier Valkyrie 5 Contreras, Thomeka DL
Chicago Force 66 Converse, Catherine OL
Cleveland Fusion 32 Cooch, Amanda DB
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 10 Cook, Jessica DB
Carolina Phoenix 70 Cooke, Alecia LB/WR
Portland Fighting Shockwave 91 Cool, Melissa OL
Pittsburgh Passion 97 Cooper, Deitra DL
Philadelphia Firebirds Cooper, Janet
Atlanta Phoenix 19 Cooper, Kristina DL
Utah Falconz 88 Cooper, Lorette LB
Everett Reign 67 Cooper, Sarah DL
Keystone Assault 91 Copelin, Christina TE
Philadelphia Firebirds Corisdeo, Cynthia
Baltimore Nighthawks 63 Cornish, Krystal DL
Everett Reign 2 Cornist, Kayc LB
Tampa Bay Inferno 91 Correa, Jazmine OL
Daytona Waverunners 23 Cortes, Jessica LB
North County Stars 74 Cortez, Gigi OL
San Antonio Regulators 13 Cortez, Stella
Central Cal War Angels 25 Costa, Alison LB
Detroit Dark Angels 66 Costanzo, Lorinda OL
New York Sharks 5 Cottle, Erika WR
San Antonio Regulators 24 Cotton, Tarah
Washington Prodigy 25 Countess, Ty WR
Utah Falconz 64 Court, Jennifer DL
Knoxville Lightning 99 Courtney, Kassandra LB
Cleveland Fusion 39 Courtney, Sarah DL
Washington Prodigy 88 Cousar, Keshia DB
Houston Power 62 Cousins, Deaysha OL
Baltimore Nighthawks 87 Cousins, Leslie LB
Atlanta Phoenix 21 Covington, Paige DB
Richmond Black Widows 55 Cowan, Brandi OL
Cleveland Fusion 19 Coward, Kanisha WR
Colorado Freeze 96 Cox, Beca DL
Tri-Cities Thunder 14 Cox, Katelyn WR
Utah Falconz 20 Cox, Keeshya RB
Philadelphia Firebirds Craig, Janel
Tulsa Threat 43 Cranford, Kinsey RB/LB/K
Alabama Fire 23 Crawford, Denetria DB
Pittsburgh Passion 55 Crawford, Hope LB
Phoenix Phantomz 33 Crayton, Sabriya DB
Philadelphia Phantomz 3 Creech, Shantia QB
Houston Energy 22 Criswell, Erica FB/LB
D.C. Divas 26 Croley, Briana RB
Utah Falconz 73 Crook, Christy OL
Tri-Cities Thunder 7 Crowe, Ginger WR
West Virginia Wildfire 50 Crumley, Lisa DB
Knoxville Lightning 34 Crutcher, Nikki RB
West Coast Lightning 20 Cruz, Frances DL
San Antonio Regulators 34 Cruz, Jen
New England Nightmare 55 Cruz, Nicole OL/DL
Connecticut Hawks 71 Cruz, Nicole XX
Carolina Queens 48 Cullins, Monique
Connecticut Hawks 44 Cummings, Kanika
Houston Wildcats 23 Cummings, Karly
Philadelphia Firebirds Cummings, Latasha
Phoenix Phantomz 17 Curley, Geri LB
Maine Mayhem 56 Curtis, Frankie
Pacific Warriors 98 Curtiss, Danielle DL
New York Knockout 75 Cusprinie, Maggie OL
Seattle Majestics 21 Custis, Holly LB
Fayetteville Fierce 27 Cuthbert, Toyoko LB
West Coast Lightning 85 Cystrunk-Johnson, Julia DL
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 8 Dacosta, Maicell RB
Indy Crash 23 Dallecarbonare, Emma DB
Knoxville Lightning 76 Dalton, Toni OL
Pittsburgh Passion 36 Daman, Hannah LB
Tennessee Train 60 Daniel, Trisha OL
Alabama Fire 57 Daniels, Andrea OL
Houston Wildcats 14 Daniels, Krystal
Tampa Bay Inferno 33 Daniels-Tolber, Dominique TE
San Antonio Regulators 84 Darbey, Nichole
New York Sharks 73 Darby, Danielle OL
Cincinnati Sizzle 12 Daugherty, Kourtnie
Columbus Comets 81 Davenport, Ansley DL
Phoenix Phantomz 2 Davidson, Amanda RB/WR
Colorado Freeze 74 Davidson, Billie Jean OL
Kansas City Titans 16 Davies, Oli WR
Colorado Freeze 81 Davis, Ashley WR
Philadelphia Phantomz 85 Davis, Cicely OL
Toledo Reign 22 Davis, Denise DB
D.C. Divas 16 Davis, Genaya DB
Richmond Black Widows 57 Davis, Gracie DL
Everett Reign 35 Davis, Kaila OL
New York Sharks 88 Davis, Larissa LB
Pacific Warriors 4 Davis, Lauren LB
St. Louis Slam 40 Davis, Myreta DL
Alabama Fire 0 Davis, Rickytha WR
Toledo Reign 55 Davis, Rilee OL
Baltimore Nighthawks 30 Davis, Rolanda DL
Fayetteville Fierce 99 Davis, Sashah DL
Music City Mizfits 32 Davis, Victoria DB/FB
Detroit Dark Angels 28 Davis-Wilson, Kimleeta WR
Tampa Bay Inferno 83 Dawson, Jen OL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 24 Dawson, Rebecca RB
Chicago Force 61 Day, Tracy OL
Houston Energy 56 De La Garza, Ashley DL/OL
West Coast Lightning 12 De Leon, Dorothy LB
Detroit Dark Angels 83 Deaibes, Nesreen RB
Nebraska Stampede 82 Dean, Amanda OL
Cleveland Fusion 53 Deas, Brittany LB
D.C. Divas 45 Deer, Helen DL
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 7 Defeo, Marisa DB
Carolina Phoenix 99 DeGraffinreed, Hannah RB/LB/WR
New York Sharks 22 Dejesus, Kareen DB
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 71 DelCogliano, Ida OL
West Coast Lightning 50 DeLeon, Alejandra RB
Mile High Blaze 69 Delgado, Claudia OL
Everett Reign 45 Delgado, Yolly DL
Toledo Reign 58 Dempster-Walsh, Kendra OL
Phoenix Phantomz 55 Denetdeel, Kim OL/DL
Fayetteville Fierce 22 Denham, Jennica RB
Toledo Reign 77 Dennis, Katelyn RB
Montreal Blitz 62 Deraiche, Amelie OL
Colorado Freeze 36 Derhak, Britney FB
Detroit Pride Derrick, Karlee
Houston Wildcats 18 Derrick-Jacobs, Tierra
Carolina Queens 77 Derushia, Windy
Southern Indiana Storm 10 DeWeese, Kayla
Montreal Blitz 11 Deziel, Marie-Justine WR
Everett Reign 74 Dial, Willow DL
Tulsa Threat 11 Diaz, Roseanna DB
Bakersfield Bombers Diaz, Theresa
Washington Prodigy 53 Dibble, Colleen OL
Pittsburgh Passion 37 DiCicco, Ashley WR
St. Louis Slam 66 Dickerson, Quianna OL
Sin City Trojans 22 Dickson, Nichole TE
Boston Renegades 30 Diette, Erin DL
Austin Yellow Jackets 91 Dikibo, Sotonye
Portland Fighting Shockwave 70 Dillard, Kristin OL
Cleveland Fusion 78 Dillow, Elizabeth OL
Minnesota Vixen 73 Dismuke-Myhre, Candace OL
Minnesota Vixen 36 Distad, Chandra
Alabama Fire 55 Dixon, April OL
Connecticut Hawks 14 Dixon, Gabby
Baltimore Nighthawks 55 Dixon, Sameda DB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 72 Dixson, Ronne DB
Austin Yellow Jackets 44 Dobbins, Laquita FB
Tacoma Trauma 43 Dobbins-Loundy, Genesse WR
Tacoma Trauma 66 Docherty, Dakota P/K
Bakersfield Bombers Dominguez, Gabby
Mile High Blaze 77 Dominy, Jenny OL
New England Nightmare 22 Donahue, Jenn RB/LB
Richmond Black Widows 49 Doornek, Anne LB
Iowa Crush 14 Dorenkamp, Christine WR/DB
Phoenix Phantomz 60 Doss, Autrey FB/TE/OL
Cleveland Fusion 93 Dougherty, Kathleen DL
New England Nightmare 73 Doughtie, Athena OL/DL
Tennessee Legacy 37 Douglas, Sheri OL/DL
New York Sharks 78 Douyon, Marie DB
Chicago Force 55 Drangsholt, Sonja DL
Pittsburgh Passion 35 Dreischalick, Kimberly OL
Montreal Blitz 30 Drouin, Dominique LB
Philadelphia Firebirds Drumgoole, Caroline
Colorado Freeze 57 Duarte, Zuleyma LB
Montreal Blitz 95 Duchesneau, Joanie DL
Tulsa Threat 14 Duckworth, Jenny DB
Chicago Force 19 Dulski, Jennifer LB
New England Nightmare 49 Dumas, Meghan OL/DL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 74 Dumitrescu, Oana OL
Knoxville Lightning 69 Duncan, Desiree DL
Southern Tier Valkyrie 2 Duncan, Jessica DL
Detroit Dark Angels 77 Duncan-Long, Dannella DL
Tulsa Threat 57 Dunlap, Beth DL
Richmond Black Widows 6 Dunston, Kara RB
Carson Bobcats 21 Duran, Justina RB
Portland Fighting Shockwave 49 Duren, Keky FB
Madison Blaze 70 Durfee, Alia OL/DL
Tulsa Threat 12 Durham, Christina DB
Tacoma Trauma 33 Dutcher, Candice DL
Minnesota Vixen 8 Dvorak, Amanda
D.C. Divas 25 Eades, Kucheria (Johnson) DB
West Michigan Mayhem 17 Earl, Krystal RB
Alabama Fire 42 Eatman, Dionne RB
Boston Renegades 45 Eddy, Victoria LB
Orlando Anarchy 4 Edkins, Anna WR
Seattle Majestics 44 Edlen, Elisha DL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 47 Edmiston, Ashly OL
Richmond Black Widows 77 Edmondson, Desiree OL
Phoenix Phantomz 11 Edward, Cindy K/TE/LB
Fayetteville Fierce 1 Edwards, Ashley QB
Philadelphia Phantomz 69 Edwards, Karima LB
Colorado Freeze 68 Edwards, Larea DL
St. Louis Slam 22 Edwards, Tori LB
Knoxville Lightning 44 Edwards, Wyeshia FB
Pittsburgh Passion 9 Ehrgood, Rebecca DB
Mile High Blaze 88 Eisenhart, Laurie OL
Central Cal War Angels 28 Ekmalian, Tiffany DB
D.C. Divas 77 Elcock, Latriece DL
Detroit Dark Angels 11 Elder, Kayla TE
Cincinnati Sizzle 89 Elder, Sterling
Sin City Trojans 11 Eldridge, Ashley QB
New York Sharks 8 Eleazer, Cheri LB
Houston Wildcats 72 Elizondo, Yolanda
Baltimore Nighthawks 99 Elkin, Jennifer TE
Carolina Queens 18 Ellerbee, Ruth
Iowa Crush 19 Elliott, Danielle
Washington Prodigy 70 Elliott, Delores OL
Houston Power 65 Elliott, Erica OL
Kansas City Titans 36 Elliott, Kerry DL
Dallas Elite 95 Elliott, Kristen DL
Derby City Dynamite 33 Embry Jr., Angela Anderson RB
Toledo Reign 99 Emerson, Mary OL
Tacoma Trauma 56 Emineth, Christine OL
Chicago Force 91 Engelman, Tami OL
Boston Renegades 2 England, Katherine DB
Utah Falconz 69 Engle, Sierra OL
Cleveland Fusion 3 Ephraim, Mercedes RB
St. Louis Slam 55 Erickson, Caitlin OL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 20 Erickson, Kazmira DB
Indy Crash 66 Erisman, Chelsi DL
Atlanta Phoenix 36 Ervin, Shawnie DB
West Michigan Mayhem 15 Eshuis, Anna DB
New York Sharks 44 Espinal, Shani DB
Ventura County Wolfpack Espinoza, Eleanor OL
West Coast Lightning 89 Estrada, Nicole LB
Pacific Warriors 25 Estrada, Vanessa DB
Nevada Storm 78 Ettinger, Bobbie OL
Toledo Reign 42 Eubank, Lynn WR
Minnesota Vixen 3 Evans, Emily QB/LB
Minnesota Vixen 78 Evans, Josie
Utah Blitz 59 Evans, Linda DL
Alabama Fire 3 Evans, Markeshia QB
Derby City Dynamite 95 Evans, Toneisha OL
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 55 Faatamala, Salaulu OL
Austin Yellow Jackets 3 Facey, Marissa RB/WR/DB
New York Knockout 99 Faga, Heather DL
Sin City Trojans 33 Fahr, Kelsie LB
Orlando Anarchy 40 Faletoese, Eloi DB
Pittsburgh Passion 1 Fallon, Amy P/K
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 17 Faoagali, Komiti DL
Cape Fear Thunder 77 Faris, Tiffany OL/DL
West Virginia Wildfire 2 Farmer, Alicia RB/DB
Carolina Queens 99 Fayall, Kiera
Minnesota Vixen 88 Fedoravicius, Diane
Houston Power 90 Felder, Montoya DL
Fayetteville Fierce 29 Feliciano, Jazmin RB
Nevada Storm 1 Felker, Jesse RB
Cincinnati Sizzle 5 Fennell, Tamar
San Antonio Regulators 22 Ferguson, Alana
Orlando Anarchy 54 Ferguson, Debra DL
San Antonio Regulators 69 Ferguson, Tye
Portland Fighting Shockwave 21 Ferguson, Veronica QB
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 6 Fernandes, Jennie WR
Pittsburgh Passion 73 Ferragonio, Lauren OL
Utah Falconz 97 Fetuu, Frieda DL
Baltimore Nighthawks 68 Few, Carolyn OL
Utah Blitz 11 Fiack, Denise DL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 40 Fial, Tamsyn WR
St. Louis Slam 16 Fields, Alana DL
New York Sharks 25 Fields, Brilynn TE
New York Sharks 52 Fields, Brooklyn LB
Cincinnati Sizzle 97 Figueira, Sarah
Connecticut Hawks 12 Fillian, Kristin
Nevada Storm 20 Fillmore, Marrisa DB
Pittsburgh Passion 53 Filmore, Jaharia LB
Connecticut Hawks 81 Fine, Alyssa
Chicago Force 20 Finestone, Emma DB
Nevada Storm 95 Fingar, Mic DL
Houston Wildcats 36 Fink, Jackie
Washington Prodigy 78 Finnaman, Donnell OL
Maine Mayhem 25 Fintonis, Angela
Cleveland Fusion 62 Fischer, Rebecca OL
Philadelphia Phantomz 55 Fisher, Lisa DL
Dallas Elite 24 Fitcheard-Brydson, Alberta WR
Baltimore Nighthawks 36 Fitzgerald, Shay RB
Atlanta Phoenix 47 Flanagan, Nakeshwa LB
Tennessee Train 14 Fletcher, Genise QB
Pittsburgh Passion 87 Fletcher, Hope TE
Utah Falconz 26 Floor, Lexie WR
New York Knockout 20 Florell, Kristen TE
Ventura County Wolfpack Flores, Priscila LB
D.C. Divas 80 Floyd, Jordan TE
Connecticut Hawks 56 Fluskey, Sonya
Houston Energy 32 Fod, Emeral DL/OL
Philadelphia Phantomz 82 Fonseca, Olivia LB
Columbus Comets 32 Fontes, Keeahna WR
St. Louis Slam 11 Foote, Jessica WR
Cincinnati Sizzle 36 Ford, Amber
Arlington Impact 1 Ford, Amira RB
Alabama Fire 33 Ford, Jocelyn WR
West Michigan Mayhem 61 Ford, Kimberly OL
Kansas City Titans 21 Ford, Lanie DL
D.C. Divas 2 Ford, Quiana DB
Kansas City Titans 51 Ford, Shannon LB
Dallas Elite 80 Ford, Shavonne TE
Kansas City Titans 43 Foreman, Ashlee DL
Sin City Trojans 5 Foreman, La Chelle OL
Chicago Force 14 Fornal, Jamie WR
Mile High Blaze 56 Fornall, Kimberley OL
Sin City Trojans 63 Forrest, Cynthia OL
Madison Blaze 37 Forseth, McKenzie TE/LB
Seattle Majestics 88 Fortson, Mikaile WR
Arlington Impact 7 Foster, Charnika RB
Music City Mizfits 73 Foster, Dawn OL/DL
Pittsburgh Passion 34 Foster, Kiamesha DB
Tulsa Threat 22 Fowbie, Stephanie TE
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 95 Fowler, Rachel OL
Philadelphia Phantomz 21 Fowlkes, Ebony DL
Colorado Freeze 15 Fox, Dawn DB
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz 91 Fox, Sherice OL
Indy Crash 10 Fox-Martini, Christy WR
Austin Outlaws 77 Foxworth, Gina DL
Toledo Reign 1 Fragassi, Mary WR
Fayetteville Fierce 53 Fralin, LaTonya DL
West Virginia Wildfire 10 Francois, Kavita RB/DB
Maine Mayhem 80 Frangoulian, Angelique
Houston Energy 2 Franklin, Nephyria WR/DB
D.C. Divas 46 Franklin, Pamela OL
Minnesota Vixen 49 Frater, Jessica LB/DL/OL
Kansas City Titans 65 Frazier, Abbey OL
Central Cal War Angels 20 Freeman, Alicia DB
Acadiana Zydeco 8 Freeman, Shelly RB
Carolina Phoenix 28 Frenchers, Aisha TE/LB
Nevada Storm 39 Friend, Danielle LB
Cleveland Fusion 50 Frieson, Britney DL
Columbus Comets 10 Frieson, Taja DB
Dallas Elite 23 Fruean, Renee OL
Austin Yellow Jackets 1 Fuller, Toni RB/DB
Indy Crash 42 Furman, Angelita LB
Austin Yellow Jackets 34 Futrell, Adriene FB/DL
Maine Mayhem 15 Fye, Hannah
St. Louis Slam 4 Gaal, Jaime QB
Austin Outlaws 7 Gabaldon, Marlee QB
Acadiana Zydeco 27 Gabriel, Tiffany FB
Central Cal War Angels 18 Gagnier, Maddison WR
D.C. Divas 83 Gainey, Shaquanda WR
Utah Falconz 10 Galica, Sara DB
Boston Renegades 24 Gallo, Briannah DB
Music City Mizfits 90 Gamble, Nakitta OL/DL
Philadelphia Phantomz 23 Gamble, Spring RB
Nebraska Stampede 24 Gamblin, Liz TE
Maine Mayhem 64 Gammon, Jaimee
Washington Prodigy 4 Gantt, Mimi RB
Richmond Black Widows 67 Ganzer, Samantha DL
Connecticut Hawks 3 Garard, Jamie
Bakersfield Bombers Garcia, Angelina
Houston Energy 96 Garcia, Claudia DL/OL
San Antonio Regulators 53 Garcia, Laura
Houston Wildcats 46 Garcia, Maria
Huntsville Tigers 16 Garcia, Megan WR
Arlington Impact 6 Garcia, Taylor RB
Utah Blitz 70 Gardiner, Britanie LB
Pacific Warriors 43 Gardner, Priscilla RB
St. Louis Slam 68 Gardner-Evans, Brittani DL
Music City Mizfits 55 Garrett, Brandi OL/TE
Atlanta Phoenix 93 Garrett, Shanta DL
Houston Energy 30 Garrett, Suzie FB/LB
Central Cal War Angels 90 Garsa, Antoinette OL
Tacoma Trauma 72 Garvin-Williams, Aretha OL
Houston Wildcats 76 Garza, Ashlee
D.C. Divas 23 Gaston, Natalie RB
Columbus Comets 13 Gates, Shelly RB
Boston Renegades 6 Gause, Joanna Brooke DB
Columbus Comets 23 Gavins, Mercedes WR
Utah Falconz 11 Gebbia, Shannon DL
New England Nightmare 36 Genereux, Allie FB/LB
Detroit Dark Angels 35 Gentile, Kara LB
Acadiana Zydeco 20 George, Talanna RB
New York Sharks 92 George, Tynisha DL
Philadelphia Firebirds Gerber, Megan
Portland Fighting Shockwave 37 Gerdes, Jessica FB
Dallas Elite 11 Gerhart, Jessica QB
West Michigan Mayhem 30 Gerschoffer, Kaitlin DL
Philadelphia Firebirds Gibbons-Robinson, Carlita
New York Sharks 63 Gibson, Jessica OL
Seattle Majestics 83 Gibson, Michelle TE
Minnesota Vixen 77 Gibson-Thomas, Courtney OL
Minnesota Vixen 41 Giesemann, Jessica LB
North County Stars 13 Gilbert, Natasha DB
Tulsa Threat 5 Gilbert, Terri QB
Minnesota Vixen 32 Gilbertson, Dusty
Southern Indiana Storm 85 Gill, Alyssa
Southern Indiana Storm 72 Gill, Chyrese
Carolina Queens 40 Gill, Temekia
Houston Wildcats 9 Gilliam, Airel
Richmond Black Widows 71 Gilmurray, Kerry DL
Music City Mizfits 15 Gist, Lindsey LB/TE
Baltimore Nighthawks 71 Gladden, Jessica OL
Detroit Dark Angels 5 Glenn, Jennifer QB
Mile High Blaze 24 Glenn, Marissa RB
Carolina Queens 24 Glisson, Sasha
Austin Outlaws 69 Godwin, Dominique OL
Minnesota Vixen 22 Godwin, Kayce
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 16 Goeckner, Apollonia LB
Pittsburgh Passion 84 Goisse, Nicole WR
Richmond Black Widows 7 Gold, Christina DB
D.C. Divas 51 Goldsmith, DeVon DL
Sin City Trojans 39 Gomez, Felecia RB
Pacific Warriors 57 Gomez, Liliana DL
Ventura County Wolfpack Gomez, Maria DL
Arlington Impact 57 Gomez, Sophia DL
Southern Oregon Lady Renegades 32 Gomez, Teresa OL
Utah Falconz 57 Gommerman, Katlyn DL
Phoenix Phantomz 7 Gonzales, Jessica WR/DB
Ventura County Wolfpack Gonzales, Kristina OL
D.C. Divas 30 Gonzalez, Kristy DB
Detroit Dark Angels 62 Goodin, LaTyra OL
Boston Renegades 97 Goodman, Brooke DL
West Coast Lightning 32 Gordon, Donna DL
Atlanta Phoenix 96 Gordon, Tracy DL
Chicago Force 3 Gore, Rachel QB
Minnesota Vixen 57 Gorynski, Claudia
Minnesota Vixen 60 Gosa, Iesha
Connecticut Hawks 17 Goss, Lanaya
Madison Blaze 32 Gott, Laurie FB/LB
Fayetteville Fierce 10 Governor, Tonia TE
Huntsville Tigers 13 Graham, Crystal DL
Houston Power 21 Graham, Samantha DL
Connecticut Hawks 2 Granato, Ria
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 82 Granger, Yordania Rijo DL
New York Knockout 21 Grant, Angela LB
Carolina Queens 44 Grant, Denise
Cincinnati Sizzle 16 Grasha, Allison
Richmond Black Widows 0 Graves, Ashley DL
Maine Mayhem 2 Graves, Haylee
Kansas City Titans 13 Graves, Reisha LB
New York Sharks 26 Gray, Caprece FB
Chicago Force 83 Gray, Jeanette WR
D.C. Divas 76 Gray, Jennifer OL
Columbus Comets 3 Gray, Rachel WR
Seattle Majestics 74 Gray, Sasha DL
Dallas Elite 52 Grayson, Angellica LB
Indy Crash 77 Green, Brandi OL
Atlanta Phoenix 42 Green, Dana FB
St. Louis Slam 79 Green, DeAndress OL
Kansas City Titans 63 Green, Ebony DL
Tampa Bay Inferno 62 Green, Elaina OL
San Antonio Regulators 25 Green, Erica
Cleveland Fusion 44 Green, Katharine DB
Baltimore Nighthawks 24 Green, Krichan LB
Keystone Assault 36 Green, Mariah OL
St. Louis Slam 63 Green, Pamela OL
Arlington Impact 17 Green, Pareishia RB
Acadiana Zydeco 9 Greene, Jennifer RB
Tampa Bay Inferno 16 Greene, Shirley WR
Sacramento Sirens 45 Green-Hahn, Stephanie
Daytona Waverunners 13 Greer, Keondra WR
Philadelphia Firebirds Gregory, Coleen
Toledo Reign 80 Grieger, Alexandra RB
Albuquerque Avengers Griego, Cristina OL
Albuquerque Avengers 45 Griego, Ness OL/DL
St. Louis Slam 59 Grier, Antoinette LB
North County Stars 69 Grierson, Kacey OL
Minnesota Vixen 80 Griffin, Angela RB/LB
West Michigan Mayhem 9 Griffin, Candace DB
Houston Wildcats 74 Griffin, Mica
Austin Yellow Jackets 6 Griffith, Melissa K
Carson Bobcats 70 Griffith, Tyee OL
Portland Fighting Shockwave 19 Griggs, Breana WR
D.C. Divas 29 Grigsby, Kenyetta RB
New York Sharks 33 Grimsley, Jewelle DB
Chicago Force 15 Grisafe, Samantha QB
Toledo Reign 43 Griswold, Octavia RB
Dallas Elite 6 Griswold, Olivia DL
Pittsburgh Passion 99 Grogan, Rochelle DL
West Virginia Wildfire 3 Grooms, Heather WR/DB/QB
West Virginia Wildfire 7 Grose, Brittanie TE/LB
West Virginia Wildfire 8 Grose, Samantha OL/DL
D.C. Divas 64 Grossman, Emily DL
Philadelphia Firebirds Grubb, Carol
West Michigan Mayhem 73 Grzybowski, Tiffany OL
Boston Renegades 38 Guerrero, Desiree OL
Utah Blitz 80 Guerrero, Julia WR
Ventura County Wolfpack Guerrero, Lessly OL
Tulsa Threat 68 Guerro, Emily OL
Baltimore Nighthawks 21 Guillen, Beck DB
Bakersfield Bombers Gurtierrez, Rocio
Kansas City Titans 1 Guscott, Lara WR
Austin Yellow Jackets 68 Gustafson, Tiffany
New England Nightmare 19 Guyer, Jessylynn DB/WR


Part 2 – Last Names H-O


Part 3 – Last Names P-Z